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Daniel Prude Wiki – Biography

Daniel Prude is a Chicago man who died in Rochester, New York after police officers captured him and put a white spit hood over his head.

Prude died in March 2020 but caused protests in September over the release of a graphic body camera video that sheds new light on his death. He shows police that he met Prude naked on the street. He is seen in the video with a mesh bag over his head. An official says in the video that Prude told them it was COVID-19, which could explain the use of the saliva hood.

Daniel Prude Age

Daniel Prude was 41 years old.

Cause of Death

A Black man died of suffocation in Rochester, N.Y., after police officers who were taking him into custody put a hood over his head and then pressed his face into the pavement for two minutes, according to video and records released by his family and local activists on Wednesday.

The man, Daniel Prude, 41, died on March 30, seven days after his encounter with the police, after being removed from life support, his family said.

His death occurred two months before the killing in police custody of George Floyd in Minneapolis set off protests across the United States. But it attracted widespread attention only on Wednesday when his family held a news conference to highlight disturbing video footage of the encounter taken from body cameras that the police officers wore.

The New York State attorney general, Letitia James, and the Rochester police chief said they were investigating the death. The officers involved are still on the force.


Joe Prude, his brother, called 911 on March 23 after Mr. Prude, who was visiting from Chicago, ran out of his home in an erratic state. Mr. Prude had been taken to a hospital the previous day after he apparently began experiencing mental health problems, police reports show.

He was running through the street after leaving his brother’s home before Rochester police officers detained him. A truck driver also called 911 before officers arrived, according to internal police investigations of the case, to say that a man wearing no clothes was trying to break into a car and saying that he had the coronavirus.


The video, first reported by the Democrat and Chronicle of Rochester, shows Mr. Prude, who has taken off his clothes, with his hands behind his back. He is standing on the pavement in handcuffs, shouting, before officers put a so-called spit hood on his head, apparently in an effort to prevent him from spitting on them. New York was in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic at the time.

After the hood is placed over Mr. Prude’s head, he becomes more agitated. At one point, he shouts, “Give me that gun. Give me that gun,” and three officers push him to the ground.

The video shows one officer placing both hands on Mr. Prude’s head and holding him against the pavement, while another places a knee on his back, even as the hood remains on his head.

One officer repeatedly tells Mr. Prude to “stop spitting” and to “calm down.”

After two minutes, Mr. Prude is no longer moving or speaking, and the same officer can be heard asking, “You good, man?” The officer then notices that Mr. Prude had thrown up water onto the street. A paramedic is called over, about five minutes after the officers placed the hood on Mr. Prude’s head, to perform CPR on him before he is put into an ambulance.

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The Monroe County medical examiner ruled Mr. Prude’s death a homicide caused by “complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint,” according to an autopsy report.

“Excited delirium” and acute intoxication by phencyclidine, or the drug PCP, were contributing factors, the report said.
The body camera video was provided to Elliot Dolby-Shields, a lawyer for Mr. Prude’s family, on Aug. 20 through an open records request, and then released to the public Wednesday after he and relatives reviewed the footage

At the news conference on Wednesday, activists and members of Mr. Prude’s family said the officers involved should be fired and charged with homicide, the Democrat and Chronicle reported. Joe Prude called the death a “coldblooded murder.”


While cuffed, naked, and laying on the freezing cold ground, RPD officers mocked Daniel Prude and cracked jokes, and put a bag over his head. RPD officers Mark Vaughn, Troy Talladay, and Fransisco Santiago then proceeded to swarm him. While Talalay forced his knee into Daniel’s back and Santiago held down his legs, Vaughn pushed Daniel’s head into the ground using all of his body weight — essentially doing a triangle pushup on his head. Less than ten minutes after he was cuffed, Daniel Prude breathed his last conscious breath.

Investigation Report

The police investigation report into the death found that the officers’ actions “appeared appropriate and consistent with training”. The Attorney General’s office is still investigating the death. Democrat & Chronicle reported that the civil servants were on active duty and had no discipline.

The body camera video was edited and broadcast by the Prude family lawyers. Get down, man. An officer says in the video above, put your hands behind your back, don’t move .. calm down my friend, don’t move ”. “A man in custody,” said an officer. Prude is shown face down with his hands cuffed behind his back. At first, he says, “Yes sir,” but then he gets more and more nervous.


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