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The president and CEO of iSport Life and expert licensee of the remarkable Italian brand FILA, Cris Albert, makes a title regarding her accident at the property. Cris Albert is the president and CEO of iSport Life and its sole wholesaler. In addition, she also has an expert licensee of the famous Italian brand FILA in the Philippines.

In addition, she is also the owner and organizer behind MA Holdings Inc. In addition, Albert graduated with a four-year certification in Marketing. She joined Fila in 1992 as a marketing administrator. Likewise, she began serving as president from 2007 and has overseen Fila Isport, Inc., sports, gym and diving for over 15 years.

Who is the CEO of Fila Philippines Cris Albert? Maricris Abad Santos Albert, also known as Cris Albert, is the current President and CEO of Fila Philippines, Isport Life Inc., what’s more, Athlete’s Gym and Dive. In addition, her energy and enthusiasm for the company propelled her to be one of the best financial specialists in the world.

What’s more, Albert started her Fila business as a marketing chief in 1992. She eventually became the leader of the organization and from then on Albert oversaw Fila Isport.

Also, she has built up more than 15 years of involvement in the field. In addition, Cris Albert grew up with the style business. More so, her mother, Wanda Louwallien, was a previous supermodel and show choreographer.

Following Wanda Louwallien, Cris was urged and urged to begin her calling in the field, and today Albert is known for her work around the world. In addition, Albert mentioned that she would go to her mother’s shows when she was already eight years old at the Hyatt.

Apart from that, she also attended lunchtime gatherings when her mother started coordinating shows. Moreover, her childhood in the profession brought her many thoughts and guided her about textures, tones, surfaces and creation.

Cris Albert accident detail – is she alive? According to a source, Cris Albert was involved in an accident. Likewise, some reports show that people were encouraged to see WS go to capabilities given her busy schedule.

In addition, reports circled that WS could have fallen from the property’s gallery. When the news became a web sensation, people started saying that Albert could be the person involved in this dangerous accident. Nevertheless, an investigation is being focused on the episode.

In addition, Albert has also not shared any authority views regarding her accident, and none of her relatives have discussed it to date. Therefore, we have to wait for the authority news to come forward for additional subtleties.

Knowledge about Cris Albert Wikipedia Bio Cris Albert was born to her mother, Wanda Louwallien. Be that as it may, her father’s name and personality are still missing from the sources. Similarly, her mother, Louwallien, was a previous supermodel and show choreographer.

Furthermore, Cris completed her early school and high school years at St. Scholastica’s College. In addition, Cris is regarded by the school as an excellent alumna.

Cris further accepted her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing with her major in Advertising from Assumption College Makati, Philippines, and completed her postgraduate training at INSEAD, France.

Cris Albert has a decent net worth Cris Albert could have amassed a lot of money as an effective financial manager. Nevertheless, the specific amount of her money is not accessible at the moment. Moreover, every last bit of her fortune came from her work as CEO of Fila. A few sources have claimed that her total net worth is six figures.


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