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‘Crime Tourists’ Are Using Hidden Cameras to Stake Out Wealthy Victims’ Homes

Law enforcement is warning southern Californians about so-called “crime tourists” who target wealthy people with burglaries and thefts. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department says the so-called “South American theft groups” are stashing hidden cameras in their rich victims’ gardens to stake out their targets, KTTV reported.

The groups are “highly organized criminal enterprises” and are typically made up of South Americans on limited tourist visas. They have been reported in states across the country, including Tennessee, Michigan, Indiana, Maryland, and Delaware.

The sheriff’s department said the “burglary tourists” put the cameras in shrubbery and monitor the homeowners’ movement remotely, KTTV said. The department’s Malibu station released images of cameras a homeowner found and asked residents to “remain vigilant.”

The cameras were similar to set found in a Glendale garden last week. In that case, police arrested four men in the country on tourist visas.