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Corey Hannon, On July 3, shared his vacation packing list on Facebook, which included body glitter, booty shorts, and new speedos. “All ready to get the f*** out of the city to Fired Island to celebrate the f***ed up thing we call America.”

On July 4, Hannon started to once again feel sick. He wrote on Facebook, “F*** you, Miss Rona. I thought I was cured,” with 7 crying face emojis.”

Video from the beaches at Fire Island, New York went viral on Twitter for being absolutely packed over the holiday weekend. Despite coronavirus numbers spiking across the nation, the popular vacation spot located off the Southern shore of Long Island, about 60 miles east of New York City, which was once America’s main hot spot of COVID-19, was crowded with beach-goers.

While Twitter users shamed everyone visiting Fire Island without a mask over Independence Weekend, on man in particular was singled out, Corey Hannon, who hit the beach while he was knowingly infected with COVID-19. Hannon wrote in a since-deleted Instagram story, “I wanna Kiki but my body says, nope not yet… thought the COVID was gone.”

The 27-year-old from New York detailed his battle with coronavirus on his Facebook page leading up to his trip to Fire Island. On June 30, he wrote, “Random as hell but feeling grateful! 11:18 p.m. Day 7 and my body has decided it is done with COVID-10. Praying I wake up tomorrow with this good feeling and it’s not just a tease.”

Corey Hannon Age

Corey Hannon is 27 years old.

Hannon Responded to Haters


In a screenshot of direct messages shared with Hannon, who’s originally from Sarasota, Florida responded to the backlash he received online. Hannon said, “You know what? I did have covid. Everyone knows I had covid. And you know what I did? I sat in my f***ing bedroom and quarantined myself for 8 f***ing days and suffered through covid!”

“And now I’m out celebrating,” Hannong continued. “So, go f*** yourself and I hope you all get f***ing covid! you nasty troll! Thank you for sharing this story. You are so brave. I’m moved.”

NYC Is Preparing to Enter Phase 3


Unlike other major cities across America, such as Miami, Los Angeles, and Houston, New York City has seen improvement in their coronavirus numbers over the past few weeks, and is preparing for Phase 3 of re-opening businesses and restaurants.

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For New York locals seeing the videos coming out of Fire Island, and also learning about Hannon, who visited the crowded beach while infected with COVID-19, they expressed their worries and frustration on Twitter that the numbers would spike again following the holiday weekend.

One man tweeted, “If you went to Fire Island this weekend do us all in NYC/Long Island a favor and extend your Fire Island stay for an extra two weeks. Stay where you are. Parties are fun, but this shit was f***ing stupid. Quarantine your ass like our lives depend on it.”


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