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Corey Deering of Chicago has been charged in the death of Stacey Jones, a 35-year-old Cook County probation officer who was found unresponsive on the porch of her home in the 2100-block of East 95th Place just after midnight Oct. 13. He’s also been charged in the death of their son, police said.

Corey Deering Age

Corey Deering is 39 years old.


Jones, a mother of two, was eight months pregnant at the time of her death. Police said she was found with two gunshot wounds.

Jones was rushed to the University of Chicago hospital in critical condition, where she later died, police said.

Doctors were able to deliver her baby, who remained in critical condition until his death Saturday at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Neighbors said Jones, who is originally from Tennessee, had lived at the address of the shooting for less than a year. They last saw Jones playing outside with her other two young children in early October.

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“I just saw her Friday, and she was telling me how happy she was that she was about to have a baby,” said Nicholas Minor, a friend and coworker. “Stacey was a very perky person, you know, always had a smile every morning coming to work. Every day, every time I saw her she’d say, ‘Hi Nick!'”

Minor said her job was her passion, but Jones’ pride was her children. He said her murder not only stole her future but robbed her boys of a loving mother.

Investigation Report

Chicago police Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan added during a news conference Friday that the father of Jones’ unborn child threatened her, saying she wouldn’t make it to the end of her pregnancy.

He was questioned several times before being taken into custody and charged in the deaths of Jones and her newborn baby, Deenihan said. Chicago police said last week that another suspect in Jones’ death was released without charges.

Police said they were focusing their investigation on people who were known to the mother of three. Area Two detectives are investigating the shooting. They said police found racially-tinged graffiti on the side of Jones’ apartment, but believe it was placed there as a diversion.


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