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On February 14, 2003, Ron Tomich was shot to death inside his home in Linton, Indiana, and the mastermind behind the murder was discovered to be his wife Constance Tomich.

A few months after the murder, in July 2003, Constance was found guilty of killing her husband and sentenced to 85 years in prison. Constance, who would be nearly 55 at this point, is currently serving her sentence at the Indiana Women’s Prison in Indianapolis.

Constance, also known as Connie, manipulated and used her daughter’s friend, Melissa Zitterman, to kill Ron. It was reported that Connie paid Melissa $180 to pull the trigger. The episode about Connie and Melissa first aired on Oxygen’s true crime series Snapped in 2019 and re-aired on January 16, 2023. The synopsis for the episode reads:

“The peace of an Indiana town is disrupted on Valentine’s Day 2003, when police receive a report of a violent murder.”

Constance Tomich and Ron seemed to have a happy marriage, but tensions bubbled up below the surface.
Ron Tomich’s life looked perfect with a wife and two daughters. However, only a few people knew that the perfect family was not so perfect.

The tension within the family began when Ron found out that his stepdaughter, Alyssa, was dating a boy named Aaron. Ron was not supportive of the matter and decided to cut off Alyssa’s media to contact Aaron.

He also decided to forbid Alyssa from using her phone and her Internet.

However, the problems did not stop there, as Connie and Ron had a 15-year gap between the two of them, which caused several problems in their relationship. While Ron was away for work, Connie started an affair with one of her co-workers.

Things were going well until Ron decided to come back early to keep Alyssa and Aaron in check. Nevertheless. Ron’s early return was more of a problem for his wife than it was for Alyssa, and Connie decided to remove him from the picture.

At the same time, Connie feared that a divorce from Ron would take her daughter Sandia away from her and decided to take care of things herself.

Connie first asked Aaron to help kill Ron and when he refused, she reached out to Melissa Zitterman.

Connie hatched a plan to kill Ron, but she didn’t want to carry it out herself, so she decided to ask Aaron for help. In an attempt to manipulate him, she told him that with Ron dead, Aaron and Alyssa could be closer to her. However, Aaron refused to be part of the plan.

When Constance Tomich realized Aaron wasn’t going to help her, she reached out to one of Alyssa’s friends, 16-year-old Melissa Zitterman. She began telling the teens stories of how Ron abused her and convinced the latter to help kill Ron.

On February 14, 2003, the teenager who was given $180 to commit the crime shot Ron Tomich in the head and killed him in the kitchen of his own home.

Constance then called 911 and said she had found her husband’s body riddled with bullets. However, soon the investigation into Ron’s death began to hit dead ends, the police began to use their sixth sense on the case and even had a long talk with Alyssa.

They discovered that Melissa had been behaving strangely and took her in for questioning. It was then that 15-year-old Alyssa and 16-year-old Melissa told the police the truth about Connie’s plan, which ultimately led to her conviction.

While Melissa received a ten-year sentence for her role in the scheme, Alyssa received full immunity, and Connie Tomich received 85 years in prison. Melissa is currently on probation, but there is almost no information on Alyssa or her half-sister Sandia.

As mentioned above, the Snapped episode on this case was re-aired on Tuesday, January 16, 2023. The episode and the entire series are also available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.