Who is Cody Byrd? Wiki, Age, Bio, Rescues Girl During Attempted Kidnapping, Kidnapper Arrested, Investigation Report

Cody Byrd Bio – Wiki

Cody Byrd Carolina man has been labelled a hero after he thwarted accused paedophile Timothy Fry’s plot to snatch a girl from a Biscuitville restaurant.

Cody Byrd Age

Cody Byrd age is unknown.

Kidnapping Girl’s Mother Statement   (Victim)

Mother Heather Owen and her little girl were at the eatery when the 8-year-old ran off to the restroom.

Owen saw Fry supposedly sitting close to the pair with his eyes on her little girl, watching her stroll to the restroom. Cook at that point kicked and off after the young lady to the restroom. Owen revealed to NBC she began to stress and peeped around the bend to see.

“I was only sort of inclining this way, just to sort of look around the bend at her,” she said.

“I saw him remaining against the divider … and you would prefer not to pre-judge anyone ’cause that happens a great deal these days. I resembled, ‘Well, perhaps he truly is going to utilize the washroom.’

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Detecting something wasn’t right, acceptable Samaritan Byrd likewise found a good pace around the bend towards the restroom.

“It’s the sort of vibe he was putting off,” Byrd said. “The way that when I came in, he was simply gazing at the young lady, and he was simply so centered around her. And afterward once he found a good pace to the restroom directly out there (where) she went, that is the point at which I resembled, ‘OK, I’m now not feeling directly about this.'”

Fortunately Byrd was aware of the circumstance since he was there to spare the 8-year-old from being grabbed.

As she left the washroom, Fry endeavored to get the young lady.

“Similarly as he arrived, (she) left the restroom, and that is the point at which the person attempted to snatch her — and that is when Byrd mediated,” Owen said. “At that point, (she) came going around to me.”


Kidnapper Timothy Fry

Byrd managed to get a photo of the Fry as he ran out the door and fled the scene. Byrd also managed to capture a photo of his getaway truck.

Within two hours Fry was arrested.

Police say Fry admitted to an officer that he intended to kidnap the girl and that he found her sexually attractive.

Biscuitville gifted Byrd a Good Citizen Award and offered him free breakfast for a year.


Biscuitville marketing manager Kristie Mitchell said they wanted to thank Byrd for saving the girl and acknowledge he put himself in danger to save the 8-year-old.

“I just really want Cody to be sure that he realises how appreciative we are as a brand and that we certainly do recognise what he did and it’s no small thing.

“And so, it was worth the time to stop just to say thank you to him and to be extremely grateful for Cody.”



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