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Dirt Guida is an American MMA contender who is currently supported by the UFC and competes in the lightweight division. He is reputed to be paired up when he has a girl. A few warriors have made UFC history for essential knockouts and triumphs. Dirt Guida is an example of the rare type of person who has done it on several occasions.

While he has an expert record of 5 successes and four setbacks (for a total of 25-7), three of those setbacks are close and unbelievable: against Tyson Griffin at UFC 72, Roger Huerta in the final of The Ultimate Fighter 6, and Diego Sánchez in the last of the 10th season of the unscripted TV drama.

Mud has risen to the top of many top fan picks because of the experiences he has crushed. Guida has been an accomplished warrior since 2003, seeking out Strikeforce, the WEC, King of the Cage, and Shooto.

Dirt Guida’s Wife – Is UFC Fighter Married? Dirt Guida is not mounted. As for his own life, Clay has remained silent. In any case, countless sites guarantee that Clay Guida is a cocked-up dude.

Anyway, Clay Guida is not linked at all. Indeed, you read it carefully; unlike the other side cases, Clay is not linked. Mud Instagram feed also doesn’t reveal anything about his marriage or give us any clues.

Nevertheless, Clay Guida has a lovely girl named Gia from his previous relationship. Aissa Juergens, Clay’s accomplice, was involved with him. On August 5, 2010, Clay and Aissa had their most memorable child.

Dirt and his accomplice, Aissa, broke up not long after the birth of their girl. Aisa Juergens is currently linked to another person. Aissa also has two children from her marriage. Despite the fact that Clay and Aissa are currently not together, they have actually shared custody of their girl.

Dirt Guida Dating History and Relationship Timeline Dirt Guida is not dating anyone around 2022. Dirt Guida, like several big names, likes to keep his own life hidden and loves it. He’s also never been locked up or hooked before.

He is generally centered around his calling than his dating life. According to sources, it has just been found that he was associated with a close relationship with Aisa Juergens. The couple eventually broke up. Despite the fact that Clay and Aissa are currently not together, they have shared custody of their little girl.

Dirt Guida’s Family Information Clayton Charles Guida, also known as Clay Guida, was born in the town of Round Lake, Illinois, United States. Chuk Guida is his father’s name and Debbie Guida is his mother’s name. In addition, he has a brother, Jason Guida, who is a mixed military contender.

Guida, like his family, was born and raised in an Italian family in Illinois. Guida also enrolled in Johnsburg High School. He has had an energy for wrestling since he was four years old.

Dirt’s professional calling began when he was selected from Harper College. He participated in several competitions and was eager to complete a field of participants in a short time.


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