Who is Claudia Emanuele? Wiki, Biography, Age, New Jersey ‘Karen’, Arrested, Charge, Investigation - Wikibious

Who is Claudia Emanuele? Wiki, Biography, Age, New Jersey ‘Karen’, Arrested, Charge, Investigation

Claudia Emanuele Wiki – Claudia Emanuele Biography

Claudia Emanuele is a woman who has been identified as the New Jersey ‘Karen’ caught on video calling a black woman the N-word. She is being charged with bias intimidation and harassment following her arrest on Jan 5th, 2021.

Claudia Emanuele Age

Claudia Emanuele is 60 years old.

Emanuele Used the N-Word Repeatedly

The n-word was repeatedly hurled in the direction of Tameka Bordeaux as she walked down the street in Bayonne on Monday. It appears Bordeaux caught the incident on camera as the woman walked toward her and yelled obscenities.

The Bayonne Police Department in a report said the woman, identified as 60-year-old Claudia Emanuele, became irate when Bordeaux, 40, offered her “neighborly advice” on Monday as Emanuele complained to a mail carrier about mail being delivered late.

“As the victim attempted to calm Emanuele, Emanuele continued to shout racial slurs at the victim, causing the victim to walk away feeling traumatized,” the police report notes. As Bordeaux walked away, Emanuele reportedly followed her to a convenience store.

The report further reads: “Along the way, a concerned citizen observed the verbal tirade and attempted to intervene, even walking with that victim to ensure her safety. Once the victim arrived at the convenience store, a second concerned citizen was able to intervene and calm Emanuele, ultimately coaxing her to leave the area.”

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Claudia Emanuele Arrest & Charges

Emanuele was arrested and charged with bias intimidation and harassment. Prior to her arrest, New Jersey Assemblywoman Angela McKnight had publicly called for a police investigation.

“This behavior is becoming so common now that we simply refer to these racist people as ‘Karen’ and let it go, said McKnight in a statement posted to her Facebook page. “I can’t just do that.”

The assemblywoman is now launching an investigation into the matter, “This matter needs to be investigated for sure but regardless of the outcome of the investigation, one thing for certain is that Tameka was incredibly wronged today.”

McKnight said she was also disgusted to see so many white people excuse the behavior in the comment section of the now-viral video. “To read the comments of some white people now making an excuse or defense for this behavior is alarming and gets us to the real problem of this systemic situation,” the lawmaker said.

Bordeaux originally posted the video to her Facebook page with a caption that read: “BAYONNE BAYONNE BAYONNE PLEASE PRESS PLAY. TODAY ON MY GLORIOUS WALK, I’VE BEEN CALLED A N****….TOO MANY TIMES.”


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