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The association of Paraguayan researcher Marcello Pecci and writer Claudia Aguilera was the closest thing to a fantasy.

He was a notable appointed authority and she is one of the most notable TV channels. She had a special story about that affection, as well as the pleasure of choosing Cartagena for her special evening and the gift of having a young person in her life.

Claudia Aguilera Periodista: En Esposa y Marcelo Pecci – Biography Claudia Aguilera’s husband, researcher Marcelo Pecci was a notable enemy of the opiate specialist in Paraguay. He was the head of a major enemy of medication business such as A Ultranza PY, Paraguay’s most notable enemy of medication activity of all time.

He was also investigating the case of financial specialist Mauricio Schwartzman’s recruited professional killer. Pecci was a specialist in managing coordinated concerns about misconduct, according to Paraguayan media, and had encountered financial institutions for drug trafficking, tax evasion and psychological suppression.

One hypothesis claimed that researcher Pecci was near the ocean with his better half, participating in the harmony and tranquility of the ocean, when he was pulled closer by two men on a fly-ski who shot him without saying a word.

In addition, Ken Claudia Aguilera Edad and Familia Since Claudia Aguilera’s significant other was 45 years old, she would have to be in her 40s or late 30s. She saw the murder of her other half.

It’s unexpected how her better half was murdered when they were expecting their most memorable child to appear on the scene. She enlightened the significant other of her murdered examiner that he had not been given any threats, but rather referred to her as being responsible for illegal tax avoidance and coordinating the investigation into misconduct.

Find out more about Claudia Aguilera Husband Arrestado In addition, as indicated by the Paraguayan authorities, investigator Marcelo Pecci was responsible for an investigation into the murder of Fatima Rejala, who worked for the Insfran group and was associated with Operativo A Ultranza.

The specialists immediately began an investigation to inspect, assuming Pecci’s misbehavior was related to the drug cases he was treating or, on the other hand, on the off chance that it was a case of vulnerability, but the latter option has all the hallmarks of loss of strength. from the usual methodology expressed by certain observers.

“The death of Paraguayan researcher Marcello Pecci is a terrible demonstration.” That’s what Defense Secretary Diego Molano said. He gave the director of police requests to take control of the circumstance.


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