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‘Civil Unrest’ Mars Holiday Gatherings at Popular Jersey Shore Spots

A popular city on the Jersey shore declared a state of emergency early Monday morning, shutting down its boardwalk  in the midst of Memorial Day chaos and violence. Wildwood police rescinded the order at about 6 a.m., allowing authorities to deal with “numerous incidents of civil unrest,”  KYW reported.

“The City of Wildwood was able to effectively address numerous incidents of civil unrest and ensure the safety and welfare of our residents and visitors,” the Wildwood Police Department said in a statement. “These measures were necessary to ensure public safety and maintain law and order within our jurisdiction. As of this time the state of emergency has been rescinded and we thank everyone for their cooperation.”

The city first alerted residents and visitors to the problems on social media.

The emergency declaration followed a stabbing incident in Ocean City Saturday night. In that incident, a fight broke out on that city’s boardwalk, and 15-year-old boy was stabbed. He was treated on the scene and then taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Police said they made “multiple arrests” after the incident but did not clarify if anyone was charged in the stabbing.

“As in recent years and in other shore towns, Ocean City experienced a number of issues related to large crowds of teens on the Boardwalk, fights, shoplifting and disorderly conduct during the start of Memorial Day Weekend,” Ocean City Mayor Jay A. Gillian said in a statement. “I understand the impact that this behavior has on all of our residents, guests and business owners, and I want to assure everybody that Ocean City will not tolerate it.”

The Wildwood declaration was not related to the Ocean City incident, but several Jersey shore towns — including Ocean City and North Wildwood — have instituted curfews for the summer.