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Chuck Lofton has been a 13News Sunrise person since the absolute first show in September 1985. For a long time, people have started their day with their estimate.

He is also a morning radio character in Indiana. As of about 2000, his estimates could be heard on 95.5 WFMS-FM on the show “Jim, Deb, and Kevin” in Indianapolis.

Lofton was on the morning show on 104.1 WLBC in Muncie every weekday from 1987. Toss has been awarded five Emmy grants in the past three years and has been respected by the Associated Press, United Press International and the Society of Professional Journalists.

What disease does Chuck Lofton have? He’s back from medical leave Interestingly, Chuck Lofton has been back at the 13Sunrise Friday studio since March. Chuck had a health crisis in early March due to major cardiac surgery.

He has been recovering from then on and his well-being is constantly improving. He returned to 13Sunrise at 6am on Friday and will continue his typical duties little by little.

Lofton has been a meteorologist for WTHR-TV for over 36 years. In August 1985, he began working for the Indianapolis Weather Channel.

Lofton received a Bachelor of Science certification from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. In 2010, he also received a privileged degree from Taylor University.

Chuck Lofton Health Update In one of his new posts, Chuck Lofton said he is on his way to recovery. He also pointed out that his accolade was to be on their show for over twenty years.

The meteorologist thanked his medical care experts, his significant other, family, WTHR-TV and companions. Lofton uses his virtual entertainment to update his viewers about his ailment and his ongoing employment status.

He referred in particular to Lindsey Monroe and Kelly Greene who worked for him.

What’s going on with Chuck Lofton? According to the most recent reports, 64-year-old Chuck Lofton has had some medical issues. In any case, he still doesn’t seem to discover the subtleties of his conclusion after his new clinical leave.

Individuals started guessing at him when he disappeared from his regular show. Meanwhile, Lofton recovers with proper treatment from the wellness experts.

He was previously back in the saddle of the organization. His observers have anticipated finding the report on his ongoing medical problem.

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