Christopher Thielk and Nicole Lilienthal Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Marriage, Fast Facts

Christopher Thielk and Nicole Lilienthal Wiki, Biography

Christopher Thielk and Nicole Lilienthal will be part of the newlyweds in the upcoming season 16 episode of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight. Originally a Chicago resident, Christopher has experience working as an area manager and business consultant. Nicole, a New York native, works as a Senior Marketing Consultant.

Meet Married at First Sight’s Christopher Thielk and Nicole Lilienthal

Nicole Lilienthal

One day, the 30-year-old New Yorker decided she had had enough of the toxic atmosphere and even more so of the toxic dating scene, so she packed up and moved to Nashville for a change of scenery. She moved there four weeks before the devastating hurricane struck and six weeks before the coronavirus lockdowns began.

Nicole attended St. Francis Preparatory School in New York. Later, she earned her degree in public relations from the University of Iona. She started working as a marketing information manager for SELF magazine in 2015.

According to Nicole’s LinkedIn profile, she works at Compass as a Senior Marketing Consultant. She started working for the company after moving to Nashville in 2021. She previously worked for Time Out Group as a Senior Marketing Manager and has also worked at Rodale Inc. and Kmart Corporation.

She never had the chance to meet anyone in Nashville due to the pandemic, but she is now ready to start dating again and find lasting love on Married at First Sight.

Christopher Thielk

Christopher is a qualified area manager and business consultant with experience in the food industry. He is deeply committed to a number of causes, including animal welfare, human rights, education, health, and humanitarian and disaster relief.

He has a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management from Eastern Illinois University. The same university also awarded him a master’s degree in sports administration.

Christopher currently works for Amazon as a Senior Business Trainer at DSP AMXL, prior to which he spent over 8 years working at Jimmy John’s.

He was also part of the auditing team at Costco Wholesale, where he was responsible for everything from vetting delivery drivers to reviewing daily and weekly paperwork. Meanwhile, his first job was with New Spectrum Decorators as a painter. He spent almost three years living with them.

First Looks at Christopher Thielk and Nicole Lilienthal in Married at First Sight Season 16

In a sneak peek posted on his Instagram account, viewers can see just how much the Libra loves to party. Nicole let her hair down during her bachelorette party and danced on top of tables and even received body shots from a stripper.

Christopher Thielk, her future spouse, is shown discussing her desire to marry an unknown woman to her co-stars (in this case, Nicole). She, on the other hand, doesn’t mind having one more night of fun before marrying the person the matchmakers have chosen for her.

She is heard telling her other cast members that the reason she’s in it is because she’s tried everything else and failed. He deleted all of his dating apps after learning that he had been cast in season 16 of Married at First Sight, saying that he felt good.

He seemed pretty invested in the concept of getting married. Meanwhile, his friend is heard informing the camera that Chris is already in love with the stranger he is about to marry on Married at First Sight.

Married at First Sight features 10 people who have agreed to marry complete strangers. He can catch the next episode of Married at First Sight on Wednesday, January 11, 2023 on Lifetime.