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Christopher Gregor,: ‘Treadmill Dad’ GUILTY of Killing 6-Year-Old Son Who He Called ‘Fat’ & Forced to Exercise

On Friday, a New Jersey man was convicted of aggravated manslaughter in the 2021 death of his 6-year-old son. Christopher Gregor, 31, was found guilty of endangering the welfare of a child in regards to a March 2021 incident in which he was filmed speeding up a treadmill Corey Micciolo was running on, causing the boy to fall. Detectives discovered the video while investigating Micciolo’s death, which occurred two weeks after the filmed incident, according to the Asbury Park Press.

Micciolo’s mother previously told CrimeOnline that although there were numerous warning signs of abuse, she felt the Department of Protection and Permanency (child social services) didn’t do enough to help, despite her making child abuse reports.

The mother began taking photos of her son after she suspected something was wrong. She said she tried to get the judge to allow her full custody of her son in April 2021, but it didn’t happen in time.

Micciolo’s mother testified that on April 1, 2021, Gregor took their son to see a doctor while in his care for the weekend. During the visit, Micciolo told medical staff Gregor called him “fat” and made him run on the treadmill because of his weight.

The following day, Micciolo was rushed to the hospital after waking up with slurred words, nausea, and breath shortness. While undergoing a CT scan, Micciolo had a seizure; medical personnel performed unsuccessful life-saving measures.

A preliminary autopsy revealed that the 6-year-old suffered blunt force trauma injuries, and cardiac and liver contusions, along with acute inflammation and sepsis. In September 2021, a forensic pathologist determined he also sustained blunt injuries to his chest and abdomen, along with laceration on his heart, a left pulmonary contusion, and liver lacerations and contusions.

According to the Asbury Park Press, the prosecution and defense agreed that the treadmill incident did not result in the boy’s death.

A jury, who reached a verdict in five hours, acquitted Gregor of murder. Sentencing is scheduled for August 2.

*Additional reporting by Leigh Egan