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Christine D Auria Wiki – Christine D Auria Biography

Christine D Auria who worked as a teacher is best known for being the wife of Billy Donovan, American professional basketball coach and former player who has been named as the head coach of Chicago Bulls.

Donovan worked as a fourth-grade teacher at the Green Vale School in Glen Head, L.I., graduated from Providence College, as did her husband, and received a master’s degree in elementary education from the C. W. Post Campus of Long Island University. Her father is a senior partner in New York of the Chicago-based law firm of Winston & Strawn, Cole & Deitz.

Christine D Auria Age

Christine D Auria’s age is unclear.


She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. D’Auria of Port Washington, L.I.


Christina was married to William John Donovan, celebrated their wedding on August 6th, 1989 officiated at St. Peter of Alcantara Roman Catholic Church in Port Washington. The Donovans have four children: Connor, Bryan, Hasbrouck and William Donovan III, who transferred to Florida from Catholic University and walked on to his father’s team as a reserve guard.

A fifth child, Jacqueline, was delivered stillborn in 2000, prompting Donovan to become involved in several children’s charities and to help raise funds for a children’s hospital in Gainesville. The baby was lost Eight days before her Nov. 9 due date, though, Christine and Billy were laying in bed when she told him she hadn’t felt the baby move in nearly 24 hours. Billy could sense his wife was concerned. When he awoke the following morning, he said Christine was “sheet white.”1

“She was shaken,” Donovan says. “She was scared.” Christine walked down the street to visit a neighbor who was a general practitioner. He said he detected a heartbeat but, because he didn’t have the proper stethoscope, he couldn’t determine if it was the baby’s or Christine’s.

Back at home, Billy was packing for a trip to Birmingham for SEC Media Day. Christine told him that even though everything was probably fine, she wanted to be examined at the hospital and that she would call if there was any news.

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For more than an hour, Billy sat at home by himself, waiting for the phone to ring. It never did. He dialed his wife’s number. Christine said nothing when she answered Billy’s call, but he could hear her trembling.

“I lost the baby,” she finally whispered.

To this day, Donovan doesn’t know what was worse: The despair in Christine’s voice, or the pain — both mental and physical — he watched her endure when she was induced into labor that afternoon. Standing next to her hospital bed, Billy held Christine’s hand as she delivered their
stillborn daughter.

“Hours earlier we were trick-or-treating with our kids,” Donovan says. “All of a sudden, our lives had completely changed.”

Within seconds of the delivery, the cause of death was evident. The umbilical cord had looped around Jacqueline’s ankles so tightly that, upon being unwrapped, it left deep dents in her skin.

“The lifelines had all been cut off,” Billy says. “She had no air, no oxygen.” As agonizing as the delivery had been, Billy asked a nurse to take some pictures of Jacqueline. He knew he wouldn’t look at them often, but he still wanted some sort of keepsake. He wanted, he says, “something visual.”


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