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Christina Revels-Glick, a woman from Savannah, Georgia, has been arrested for masturbating in public. She decided to indulge herself on a beach near Typee Island. While she was being arrested, she told police that she didn’t think anyone had seen her, as she “only took 20 seconds to orgasm,” according to a police report.

Of the women arrested for indecent behavior in public, Jennifer Dorit Weber of Arlington, Minnesota, was arrested in May after she was caught “digitally penetrating” the floor of a pickup truck with the doors wide open. Former Army Private Danielle Ferrero of Florida was arrested after she virtually visited her criminal boyfriend who is locked up in the Charlotte County jail.

She showed her breasts and moved in her chair as she rocked back and forth, seeming to have an orgasm. A couple of years ago, Texas woman Dovie Nickels was arrested for indulging in two patios at street level with her legs up.

Christina Revels-Glick Arrested – Charged

A document filed regarding this incident indicates that a woman named Sarah K. Moss was the plaintiff who first saw Revels-Glick participating in the act. An officer was dispatched to 2nd St. Crossover Tybee Island, where Moss relayed the incident and said she could hear Revels-Glick’s groans. She claimed the woman left with her belongings five minutes after using a vibrator to masturbate. Sarah told the officer that the woman then walked to the Deck restaurant in Beachside Colony, from where Revels-Glick was arrested.

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Moss had recorded a couple of videos of the woman pleasuring herself and it has all been recorded as evidence. Revels-Glick, 34, is a resident of Richmond Hill, other details about her are scarce at this time. Upon being detained for the incident, she admitted to participating in the act, but she told officers that she did not believe anyone could have noticed her. She believed that she would not cause any problems for anyone present at the family beach “because it only took her 20 seconds to orgasm,” according to a police report.

Police say Revels-Glick was questioned if she had used a vibrator during her time at the beach, and she “reported [to police] that she had put it between her legs and was covered with a towel” and that she “believed that no one saw it. ” She was arrested and charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. People on a blog talk about the charges arguing that if she were a man trapped in the same situation, the charges would have been different. Read the comments here.


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