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Chris Clanton is an American entertainer who played Savino Bratton in The Wire from seasons 1 to 5. In the fifth season, he is credited as Christopher J. Clanton. He is also projected in We Own This City, an upcoming US miniseries that will debut on April 25, 2022. He plays Brian Hairston, a BPD officer.

Chris Clanton Age-How old is he? Chris Clanton’s age in 2022 will be around 35. Baltimore is where he was born and raised. He will guest star in the upcoming miniseries. We Own This City relies on Baltimore Sun correspondent Justin Fenton’s lifelike book. David Simon and George Pelecanos created the miniseries, which was coordinated by Reinaldo Marcus Green.

HBO will air the six-episode series on April 25, 2022. Chris Clanton Biography Details We checked several sites but couldn’t find Chris Clanton’s henchman. So we couldn’t tell if he has a husband or not. Clanton confessed to assembling the charges in 2006 and was sentenced to five years in prison with four years’ probation and three years’ probation.

Chris Clanton was injured in the chest and rear at Baltimore’s Overlea Event Center club in 2008. Clanton was imprisoned in 2019 after allegedly escaping police and ignoring a defensive request. Chris was shot in the ear in Baltimore in May 2021. He said he didn’t quite accept being the planned target.

Chris Clanton Net Worth – How Much Does He Make? We determined that his total net worth was about $1 million, given his commitments to several movies and network shows.

Chris had an uncredited part as a street teenager in The Corner. The 2009 standalone film TORN stars Chris Torn as Pettigrew, which was composed and coordinated by Richard Johnson and delivered by Corey Williams. Clanton made his film debut in Tom Six’s 2015 Dutch Terrible Spine chiller The Human Centipede 3.

From 2002 he has had the autonomous film business NEVER ENOUGH Films. The haunted Foxx Entertainment, a retail creation company that gained hands-on experience in indie films, was fired by him in 2014.

To know more about him, you can follow Chris Clanton on Instagram under the handle @1cmenever. His record security is private, with about 250 messages.


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