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Chris Amaya-Pineda Wiki, Biography

Two brothers, Damian and Chris Amaya-Pineda, were victims of a violent hit-and-run that took place on January 9, as the family was traveling to their grandmother’s house. Chris Amaya-Pineda, 13, died in the accident, while his brother Damian, 2, survived, but he is reported to be in “serious condition on a ventilator.”

In addition to the two siblings, ella Debbie’s mother (35) and ella Jade’s sister (16) were also in the car during the accident. The family was traveling in a van when a Mercedes ran a red light and crashed into it. CBS Los Angeles reported that the Mercedes driver failed to stop and fled the scene after the accident.

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help the family with funeral and medical expenses. The fundraiser aims to raise $100,000 and has already raised over $66,000 in 5 days from over 8500 donors.

Chris Amaya-Pineda’s 2-year-old brother is likely to be paralyzed if he survives

Chris along with his mother, his little brother and his sister were traveling to visit his grandmother’s house when they got into a terrible car accident. The accident took place near East 111th Place and South Main Street shortly before 8 a.m. local time on January 9, 2023. The area is about two blocks from the family’s Broadway, Manchester residence.

A Mercedes sedan ran a red light and crashed into their SUV, pushing them into a parked car. FOX 11 reported that a witness spoke to the driver before he left the scene, saying:

“It’s like, ‘Did I kill you kids? Did I kill them?’ and I said ‘Yes.’”

The witness mentioned that he asked the driver, who is believed to be a man, to help the family.

Authorities say the Mercedes driver fled the scene after his car caught fire during the January 9 crash. Firefighters soon arrived and extinguished the flames that had already engulfed the silver Mercedes sedan that had crashed into the family car. Capt. Scott said the car was empty when officers arrived to extinguish the fire. However, they believed that there was only one driver in the car.

Authorities are investigating the crime scene. Witnesses reported seeing an unidentified man limping running from the scene.

Shortly after the accident, LAPD and LAFD response officers arrived and removed the injured family from the van and hospitalized them.

Chris Amaya-Pineda died at the hospital, while his little brother is in serious condition. His sister Jade sustained some minor injuries and was released shortly after. Debbie, the children’s mother, was also released a few days after the incident.

Chris Amaya-Pineda’s sister, Jade, recalled the horrific accident, telling KTLA:

“I remember when I woke up, my body ached and they told me that my brother [Chris Amaya-Pineda] passed away and that my mom was going to be fine.”

She further added:

“I know my brother wouldn’t want me to feel sad, so I’m trying to be strong for him. He was kind. I need people to keep praying for my little brother because I really need him to survive and I can’t lose another brother [Damián].”

According to KTLA, the 2-year-old, who is still on a ventilator, is likely to be paralyzed even if he survives. Chris Amaya-Pineda’s aunt, Julie Amaya, spoke about Damián, saying:

“If there is a miracle, the doctors say that he will most likely be paralyzed. He will not be the same little Damien that he was before.

Dr. Adam Garibay of Harbor-UCLA Medical Center said:

“It’s probably one of the saddest cases I’ve seen working here for four years.”

LAFD Capt. Erik Scott revealed that responding officers administered CPR to the victims before admitting them to the hospital. Scott further mentioned that Damian and Chris Amaya-Pineda were in the back seat of the car and suffered traumatic injuries from the violent crash.

The family’s GoFundMe post reads:

“This family is completely torn apart, leaving the rest of the family (us) to help pick up the pieces… this fund is simply to help them restart a difficult new life without their son Chris and due to Damian’s dire condition, he too . .”

Authorities have released a description of the suspect. He is described as a man in his 30s wearing a blue shirt and a pair of blue jeans. They also believe that he has suffered injuries. LAPD Officer Gerald Echevarria said:

“I believe this individual is injured. So, we’re looking into that and looking at other locations, hospitals.”