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Cheryl Lavoie Wiki – Biography

Cheryl Lavoie is a Massachusetts mom who was allegedly caught having s*xual relations with her son, Tony L. Lavoie, in their home on Clarendon Street, Fitchburg, back on May 20, according to authorities. Tony’s wife walked on to find his husband and mother-in-law having s*x. Cheryl and Tony have been charged with incest and could land in prison for up to 20 years, Mass Live reports.

The alleged licentious wickedness took place at the Fitchburg, Massachusetts, home Tony L. Lavoie’s shared with his wife and 63-year-old mother, Cheryl Lavoie. The officer spoke to the mum and son separately and both acknowledged they had consensual s*xual relations and said it was the first time it had happened, the document.

“I don’t know. It just happened,” an officer reported Mr. Lavoie, from Fitchburg, Massachusetts, of saying as he was questioned by law enforcement. She is claimed to have said the s*ex happened after they started kissing.

According to the police allegation, she told the officer: “well myself and my son have gotten a lot closer over the last few months and we just had s*ex after we were kissing”. Asked if she felt pressured into having s*ex, Cheryl said “no.”

She allegedly admitted s*xual intercourse.

She also told the officer she had not known her son most of his life, and asked if he had any mental illness she replied she didn’t know, adding that he “did fall off a ladder at one point in his life”.

Cheryl Lavoie Age

Cheryl Lavoie is 64 years old.

Charged and Arrested

Police charged the mother and son with felony incest and issued them a summons to appear in court on August 20, according to US reports. The mother and son were arraigned last week and released on personal recognizance. Both pleaded not guilty, court documents said.

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They were ordered by the judge to stay away from one another. The Lavoie’s will return to court in October for a pretrial hearing. According to Massachusetts state law, a person convicted of incest can be punished by imprisonment for between two-and-a-half to 20 years.

Investigation Report

Lori Lavoie told a police officer she walked in on her mother-in-law on top of her husband on the couch in their living room in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Tony L Lavoie, 43, and his mum Cheryl Lavoie, 64, each faces incest charges following the alleged incident this May.

According to a police report, the officer asked the wife what she did next after allegedly seeing the pair together on the couch. She told the office: “I walked into my room and closed the door.” She added she didn’t say a word to either of them, but called her cousin and then the police.

Lori then told police she had ‘always been suspicious’ of a s*xual relationship between her husband and his mother, according to the documents obtained by The Smoking Gun. She then clarified saying that she had heard the pair were involved s*xually, but did not know if it was true.

The wife confirmed all three living together at the time of the alleged incident. The cousin had answered the door and told an officer that Lavoie’s wife had called her about walking in on her husband having s*x with his mum, before phoning 911, according to the police statement.


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