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Cherral Mitchell, 31, required two midwives to deliver baby Alpha before leaving staff at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford stunned when he weighed 14 pounds 15 oz. Alpha, who was born on Thursday at 38 weeks, has since been dubbed ‘Baby Hippo’ and ‘Butter Bean’. It is believed to be the third-largest baby in the UK and the largest in eight years.

The current record holder is Guy Carr, 15-pound 8-ounce, born in 1992, followed by George King, 15-pound, 7-ounce, who was born in Gloucester in 2013. Alpha was also a surprise when Ms. Mitchell became pregnant despite receiving the contraceptive coil before being conceived with her husband, electrical engineer, Tyson, 35 years old. Ms. Mitchell, who has three other children, described Alpha as a “pumpkin baby.” She said, ‘We didn’t think she was going to be that big. They all kept laughing when she poked her head out of her. My husband Tyson said, “OMG he’s beefy.”

Cherral Mitchell Age

Cherral Mitchell is 31 years old.

Cherral Mitchell gives birth to a baby weighing more than a STONE

“ There were two nurses pulling, one was trying to push him down to get him out. The nurses said he had to be the biggest baby and they were on their phones googling. He’s a bit like a pumpkin baby since he’s so close to Halloween. ‘ Doctors have attributed Alpha’s considerable weight to a sweet tooth, as they believe she was eating her mother’s sugary liquid while she was in the womb.

She was estimated to have weighed about 11 pounds and 1 oz on a 37-week scan, but she gained weight by more than three pounds before she was born a week later via cesarean section. Ms. Mitchell, a stay-at-home mom from Oxon, Thame, continued: ‘So she drank a lot, urinated a lot and ate a lot of sugar.

“ My stomach was big but not that big so I don’t know where it was hiding. I keep saying that I gave birth to a butter bean. My uncle Jason calls it the baby hippo. Alpha is Ms. Mitchell’s second child after Lyon, age three, while she also has two daughters, Rogue-Angel, four, and Twyla, who is 10 months old.

However, she says that Alpha is the oldest by quite a distance, describing his other children as “normal” births in comparison. Alpha is currently in the NICU, where he is being monitored by neonatal nurses but is “improving.”

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