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Fans of Lady Gaga and A Star Is Born went into a frenzy when a video of a woman singing “Shallow” went viral on the internet. During a game of “Finish the Lyric,” a random subway-goer was asked to sing the hit song during her commute and ended up leaving host Kevin Freshwater amazed by her vocals. So, just who is the talented subway singer?

Her name is Charlotte Awbery, and turns out, she covers way more than Lady Gaga songs. The London-based singer has shared a number of performances on her Instagram, and they’re all just as incredible as her “Shallow” cover. After watching her viral video for the 100th time, check out the rest of her performances ahead.

Charlotte Awbery Age

She is 30 years old.


She became an Internet sensation after her singing video goes viral on social media.

In the video, comedian Kevin Freshwater is seen to be going through a subway station, getting strangers to participate in his ‘finish the lyric’ game. Charlotte Awbery was stopped by Kevin Freshwater for one of his Facebook videos while she was on the Underground.

The viral video shows him holding a microphone to Ms Awbery’s face and telling her to ‘finish the lyrics’ to Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s duet Shallow from A Star Is Born.

She quickly obliges and nails the song, belting out the lyrics and impressing with her incredibly strong voice. Since this video was posted to Facebook, it has gone crazy viral on Twitter with many users expressing their love for Awbery.

Picture this: You’re minding your own business while taking the tube in London when some guy randomly shoves a mic in your face and says, “Finish the lyrics!” He sings, “Tell me something, girl / Are you happy in this modern world?” Then you, in all your singing-in-the-shower glory, break out in your best Oscar-winning Lady Gaga impersonation and complete the song. All of this to only go viral in an instant, have the internet start a fan club in your name, and find writers like this one digging into the annals of your social media accounts.

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Such is the case with Charlotte Awbery, the latest viral sensation you will not soon forget. It happened this week, when the world got wind of YouTuber Kevin Freshwater’s latest clip of his “Finish the Lyrics” segment—a silly series that bombards unknowing strangers on the streets of London, thrusts a mic in their faces, and kindly requests they finish whatever song he’s singing. Though Awbery wasn’t the only unknowing lyrical victim featured in the clip, she was certainly the only one who gleaned all the attention.

Shy at first, Awbery quickly lets her tonsils loose and with a surprising set of power vocals gives the original song and its original maker—ahem, the Mother of Monsters—quite the honorary homage. Soon after the video went viral, the Oscar-winning song off the Star Is Born soundtrack reportedly reentered the Top 40 on iTunes in the United States. Give it a listen below, then jump ahead to learn a little more about the star who was born in an English subway—and who the internet is still going gaga over.


After gaining thousands of followers on Instagram, her account has been granted the coveted blue tick by Instagram on 21 February 2020.

Some people are saying the original video is staged, which like, it could be, but Charlotte has said on Twitter: “I’ve been in this business for over 10 years. I never expected it to happen in such an unexpected and amateurish way.”




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