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Charles Leitrants was the construction coordinator for Season 2 of Altered Carbon and he was lived and worked in the Vancouver, Canada region. He died unexpectedly on July 14, 2019.

Charles Lietrants Age

He was 69 years old. Charles Leitrants was born on April 17, 1951. He died on juldy 14, 2019.


The very first episode of Altered Carbon Season 2 ends with a dedication screen that reads: “In memory of our friend and colleague Charles Lietrants.”

Although Lietrants’ cause of death isn’t listed, an obituary written about him shares that he died suddenly while working in his garden on July 14, 2019 with his beloved wife, Margaret. He leaves behind a family who loves him dearly, including his half-sister Lilita Rugina, and family Ieva Vilcins Maija Vilcins Erika North, Lisa and Ansis Rozenbergs, Colin Leitrants, Cameron Leitrants, Anton North, and Anna North.

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According to his obituary, Lietrants “brought innovation, humour and often unique perspective to every part of his life.” He majored in history at Lakehead University and was a master carpenter. Lietrants was also a member of an experimental theatre troupe called Kam Lab Theatre, where he toured in Ontario when he was younger.

He loved reading and he took great pride in his carpentry work, his obituary shared, and his death was “as if an entire library burned down.” According to his LinkedIn profile, he worked in the Vancouver, Canada region as a construction coordinator.

IMDb lists Lietrants as being the construction coordinator for all eight episodes of Altered Carbon Season 2. He was also the construction coordinator for The InBetween, Red Widow, The Crossing, Tomorrowland, The Returned, Alpha, The Grey, The Bourne Legacy, Midnight Sun, The A-Team, Red Riding Hood, X-Men: The Last Stand, Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Eight Below, Catwoman, Freddy vs. Jason, Once a Thief, Mr. Magoo, Mission to Mars, I Spy, MacGyver (40 episodes), and more.

He’s also listed as the art director for a number of productions in the 1990s, including No Adults Allowed, Whale Music, Incident at Deception Ridge, Moment of Truth, No Child of Mine, North of 60, Blind Man’s Bluff, and 39 Macgyver episodes. He was the production designer for an episode of The Wonderful World of Disney, the movie FIrst Shot and the series Breaking News.


Lietrants had a prolific and highly successful career. According to his obituary, he arrived in Vancouver “(just) in time to join the then nascent film business and continued to work in it his entire life.” He worked as a scenic carpenter, on paint crews, or as an art director and took pride in whatever job he was doing. He also enjoyed traveling, fine food, art, and living life to the fullest.

On his obituary, one person wrote: “I greatly appreciated his whimsy, generosity, and kindness.”

And another friend wrote a beautiful note: “I have a beautifully clear snapshot that I carry in my thoughts of Charles and I talking on the street…sun glistening in his blond, breeze-swept hair, eyes dancing with excitement for an untapped life stretching before him. I am thankful to have known him. I am heartbroken that he has left us. I am graced with the sure knowledge that he has been a tender and wonderful partner to my beautiful friend.”

His obituary notes that his family asks everyone who reads about him to “Take someone you love to a sunny meadow or the beach and have a picnic and make a toast to one of the best.”



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