Who is Daniel Miner? Wiki, Biography, Age, Missing, Searching, Investigation Report


Daniel Miner Wiki – Biography Daniel Miner, was reported missing after a Saturday night bed check at the facility in Childersburg, southeast of Birmingham, the state’s correction department said in a release. Daniel Miner  Age He is 43 years old. Missing and Searching Authorities said, A convicted murderer escaped from a work release center in … Read more

Who is Ana Braga? Wiki, Biography, Age, Missing, Searching, Investigation Report


Ana Braga Wiki – Biography Ana Braga, disappeared from her home in Los Angeles last month — but a 2015 white Honda Accord registered to her was found abandoned in a casino parking lot in Oklahoma City, local outlets in California and Oklahoma reported. Ana Braga Age She is 24 years old. Family Braga’s mother … Read more

Who is Mike Hughes? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Death Cause, Career


Mike Hughes Wiki – Biography Famously known as “Mad” Mike Hughes, the daredevil rocket-maker died while attempting to blast himself into the sky on February 22, 2020, according to TMZ. Filming fo the Science Channel series, Homemade Astronauts, with the help of his partner Waldo Sykes, Hughes’s goal was to reach 5,000 feet in the … Read more

Who is Reynaldo Cruz? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Death Cause, Career


Reynaldo Cruz Wiki – Biography Anti-graft court Sandiganbayan Associate Justice Reynaldo Cruz died on Friday, February 21. “It’s Justice Rey Cruz who died. Please pray for him,” Presiding Justice Amparo Cabotaje Tang told reporters, confirming the information. Reynaldo Cruz Age He was 64 years old. Career He was one of the justices who concurred in … Read more

Who is Ethan Kollie? Wiki, Biography, Age, Charges and Arrested, Investigation Report


Ethan Kollie Wiki – Biography Ethan Kollie, had pleaded guilty to illegally possessing firearms and lying on a federal firearms form. He had bought weapon parts and body armor that Betts used to kill nine people — including his sister — outside a bar area in Dayton, Ohio, last summer. None of the charges against … Read more