Who Is Cem Habib New Girlfriend? Caroline Stanbury Wiki, Biography, Age, Spouse, Net Worth, Fast Facts

Habib is also an expert DJ who has provided some melodies on his Soundcloud. He is a multifunctional person and goes on to live an extravagant life that one could wish for. However his marriage ended, he remains precious companions with his ex.

The Turkish lender has been in a safe position since his marriage broke up. Here are a few subtleties that have been tracked down on the internet about the socialite.

Who is Cem Habib’s new girlfriend? Carolina Stanbury’s ex-husband Despite reports of his new lover, it seems that Turkish socialite Cem Habib isn’t in that mood with anyone lately. He divorced his ex Carolina Stanbury in 2019, who has since moved on and remarried.

Cem has been exceptionally clandestine about his own relationship following his divorce from his ex Carolina. His Instagram profile is also private, so only his loved ones know about his ongoing life.

The ex of the Ladies of London of Dubai star may see someone but nothing has surfaced on the internet. Consequently, his current relationship status is impossible to say.

Cem Habib Age and children Details Cem Habib is currently 47 years old. He was born on February 21, 1975. He has three children with his ex Carolina Stanbury, 46, of The Real Housewives of Dubai.

The couple are guardians of a little girl Yasmine and twin children Aaron and Zac. Yasmine is now 16 and the young men are currently 12. They were only 3 when Carolina was featured in Ladies of London.

Cem and Carolina used to live in a 12,000 square foot house in Surrey, England before moving to Dubai in 2017. However, their relationship suddenly ended just two years after they broke up.

The children were available during their mother’s union with ex-Real Madrid footballer Sergio Carrillo. They were found on several Instagram photos of their mother, where, according to all stories, they lived together with their new father.

Caroline Stanbury Ex Cem Habib Net Worth Investigated Cem Habib is a Turkish moneylender who used to live in an extravagant house in London and Dubai. His total net worth certainly exceeds $50 million. He is the CEO of the effective financial planning firm SB Group.

In addition, Habib was one of the founding individuals of AltEdge Capital which was formed in 2001. He was also the chief of portfolio, chief of research, chief, venture adviser and person of the organization’s speculative board.

The Turkish business visionary started his profession as an individual of seaward assets at Millburn Corporation. He has a lot of involvement in the money area and is most likely an independent mogul.


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