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Carl Reiner Wiki – Biography

Carl Reiner was an American comedian, actor, director, screenwriter, and publisher whose career spanned seven decades. During the early years of television comedy from 1950 to 1957, he co-wrote and acted on Caesar’s Hour and Your Show of Shows, starring Sid Caesar. In the 1960s, Reiner was best known as the creator, producer, writer, and actor on The Dick Van Dyke Show.

Before the war, Reiner was working as a mechanic’s helper in a sewing machine repair shop in the 1930s, according to the JTA. Before the war, his brother Charlie saw an add that the Works Progress Administration, which was a program established by President Franklin Roosevelt to find job-seekers positions working on public works projects, was offering a free drama workshop. That’s how Carl got his start in show business.

“I’ve always maintained that I owe my career to two men – my brother Charlie and FDR,” quipped Reiner at the 2008 Israeli Film Festival.

According to the Los Angeles Times article from when Reiner received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Reiner worked during the day in the Bronx, then traveled to the acting class in Manhattan at night. Six months into the class, he got a job at the Gilmore Theater near Central Park and the rest was history.

Charlie Reiner passed away in 2001 at the age of 83.

Reiner was known for his comedy, from Your Show of Shows with Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca, to the series of skits called “The 2,000-Year-Old Man” with Mel Brooks. But his most decorated work is undoubtedly The Dick Van Dyke Show, which Reiner created in 1961.

The show ran five seasons on CBS, winning 15 Emmys, including three for Reiner in writing and two as a producer. He also earned Primetime Emmy Awards for his work on Caesar’s Hour and Mad About You.

In an interview with the Television Academy, Reiner said The Dick Van Dyke Show was largely based on his life and he always wanted the show to be true to that.

“I tried every premise on for size — ‘would I do this?’ — because it was based on my wife and I. It was one of the few shows that was not — most of the shows were battles of the sexes … but the Van Dyke Show was based on my wife and I. We’re worthy adversaries, we argued about things, but we were two against the world rather than against [each other] … you always knew these two people would stay together no matter what.”

Following the success of The Dick Van Dyke Show in the 1960s and The New Dick Van Dyke Show in the 1970s, Reiner went on to direct a string of comedies that include Oh, God!, The Jerk, Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid, The Man with Two Brains, All of Me, Summer School, Fatal Instinct, and That Old Feeling.

Reiner collaborated with actor Steve Martin on several of those, including All of Me, which earned both Martin and co-star Lily Tomlin Golden Globe nominations. Reiner told The Hollywood Reporter in 2016 that Martin was the quickest study of acting he had ever seen.

“[Steve Martin] was like a rock star in comedy. He performed in front of 46,000 people in a venue and he said, ‘Oh, I got tired of doing that.’ He wanted to be an actor, but he had never acted before. So when I was called in to do The Jerk, he had never acted with another actor. It was sort of a revelation to him, that you can actually talk to somebody else, but he was the quickest learner I have ever seen,” said Reiner.

In recent years, Reiner had been flexing his acting muscles both on screen and via voiceover work. He starred in Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve, Father of the Pride, Ocean’s Thirteen, The Cleveland Show, Two and a Half Men, Hot in Cleveland, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Family Guy, and Toy Story 4.

Carl Reiner Age

Carl Reiner was 98 years old. He was born on March 20, 1922, in The Bronx, New York, United States. He died on June 29, 2020.


Reiner was born in New York City on March 20, 1922, to Irving Reiner and Bessie Mathias Reiner, both of whom were immigrants. His father was a Romanian-born watchmaker and his mother was from Hungary, according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA).

Both Carl and his older brother Charlie served in World War II. Charlie fought in 11 major battles, including the invasion of North Africa in 1942. Carl, meanwhile, honed his comedy skills during the war.

According to his 2014 memoir “I Just Remembered” (via the Military Times), the night before he was supposed to be shipped out to fight, he had the opportunity to audition for actor and Major Maurice Evans, who was there performing for the troops as part of the entertainment services division. With Evans was Captain Allen Ludden — the man who would go on to become a famous game show host and Mr. Betty White.

Reiner auditioned for them and both Evans and Ludden agreed he would be a welcome addition to their ensemble. “With the aid of General Richardson, the head of the Central Pacific Base Command, I was transferred to Major Evans’ entertainment section and performed at Army bases throughout the Central Pacific,” wrote Reiner.


On December 24, 1943, Reiner married singer Estelle Lebost. The two were married for 64 years until her death in 2008. At the time of the marriage, Reiner was 21 and she was 29. Estelle delivered the line “I’ll have what she’s having” in the deli scene of their son Rob’s 1989 film When Harry Met Sally. She died on October 25, 2008, at age 94.

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He was the father of Rob Reiner (b. 1947), poet, playwright, and author Annie Reiner (b. 1949), and painter, actor, and director Lucas Reiner (b. 1960). Reiner had six grandchildren (four from Rob and two from Lucas) and five great-grandchildren.

Carl Reiner Death

He died on June 29, 2020, at the age of 98, as reported by TMZ. 

His son, film-maker Rob Reiner posted on social media: “Last night my dad passed away. As I write this my heart is hurting. He was my guiding light.”

New York governor Andrew Cuomo also tweeted his condolences, writing: “Carl Reiner, Bronx born and bred, made TV comedy that endures to this day. He made America laugh — a true gift. New York extends our condolences to his family and many friends.”

Cause of Death

Reiner’s cause of death of natural causes, according to Vanity Fair.

Net Worth

Reiner’s net worth of $70 million dollars.


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