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Who is Cara Cahill Lydon? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Parents, Work, Instagram


Cara Cahill Lydon Wiki – Cara Cahill Lydon Biography

Cara Cahill Lydon is a ‘Karen’ from Massachusetts who can be seen in a viral video admitting that she is a ‘KKK racist’ at a time participating in a ‘Back the Blue’ rally, which has been called the smallest never organized. The video was filmed in Halifax, Massachusetts, and was recorded and shared by TikTok user @dillyonce on Sunday, February 28.

The original post creator has since claimed that while the platform had removed the original originally posted a video, he soon uploaded the clip back to his account on Tuesday, March 2. Once the video was shared again, it earned over 10,000 likes and nearly 80,0000 views in 24 hours.

The video shows a white woman whom @dillyonce identifies as Cara Cahill Lydon, standing with a group of other white people, most of whom were unmasked. One of them appears to be holding a sign that reads “MA Backs the Blue.” The person who is filming is a black woman who also has her companions with her, and one of the people accompanying her can be seen standing just a few feet from Lydon’s group, holding a flag that combines the LGBTQ rainbow and the trans pride flag. Above the dual pride flag is also a Black Lives Matter flag.

Cara Cahill Lydon Age

Cara Cahill Lydon’s age is unknown.

Cara Cahill Lydon Facebook

Since then, the “Karen” from Massachusetts has deleted her Facebook account, as the search for her name no longer appears. Several users also said that the account was unavailable when they tried to track it down. Several TikTok users have joined the post creator and shared the video on social media, even tagging Lydon on Facebook.

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There have been a lot of people looking for Lydon’s employer. They are angry and they are not going to stop seeking revenge so clearly as some have even spent time searching for Lydon’s employer in hopes of being able to get her fired.


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