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Candace Owens was tagged on social media in a photo tagged as taken on Madison Square Garden on New York. Both the event and the venue required attendees to be vaccinated, but Owens recently said on social media that she was not vaccinated. However, New York City offers vaccine exemptions for non-residents who attend events as part of their employment. At the time of this article’s publication, Owens had not clarified his role at the event.

Mike Beltran tagged her in a photo that he tagged as taken at Madison Square Garden

On the 9th of november Mike Beltran tagged Owens in a photo on Instagram. He also tagged the photo as taken at Madison Square Garden. He wrote in his post: “You never know who you will meet at events. Two very impressive and down-to-earth people. 🤙🏽 🇺🇸 @realcandaceowens @chris_meloni “.

The second photo of his post was with Chris Meloni. Beltran is a popular mixed martial arts referee, who has also competed in MMA fights before switching to refereeing. Sportskeeda reported. Beltran posted on Instagram about what a great time he had at Madison Square Garden and shared that it was his first UFC there. He wrote: “… and how memorable it was. Mad!!!! Until next New York City 👊🏽 ”.

A Twitter account pointed to the vaccine policy

The photo began to get more attention after a Twitter account called The Serfs shared the image and commented, “Oh, Madison Square Garden changed their vaccine policy or …”

According to their website, The Serfs is a publication in which “two hired commoners offer you their comic spin on the events within the pale blue dot.”

Madison Square Garden site page outlines the vaccine requirement

As of November 9 The Madison Square Garden venue page was pointed out that at least one vaccination was required to attend the event. However, the venue also said the events could create their own policies.

The venue’s website noted: “Government mandates to attend indoor events at venues like The Garden currently state… Visitors age 12 and older must provide proof of the COVID-19 vaccine. This means that you have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine before attending. Guests can also show proof of complete COVID-19 vaccination. This means that the day of your event is at least 14 days after your final dose of vaccine, which, depending on the type of vaccine, may be a dose or two. Fully vaccinated guests are not required to wear a mask. Everyone else must wear a mask while in The Garden, except when actively eating or drinking. ”

The website notes that specific events can change the rules, writing: “Some events have their own requirements, including that all guests 12 and older are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or that children present proof of a COVID test. -19 negative. Because requirements vary by event, it is important that you check your event page on our website to confirm the details of your specific event. ”

The same page of the place goes later to clarify the rule. The website notes that NBA, New York Knicks, and New York Ranger’s protocols may have more stringent requirements.

The event itself required vaccinations

On Saturday, November 6, the UFC hosted an event at Madison Square Garden.

Ticketmaster’s listing noted that vaccinations were required For the event, which includes proof of at least one dose of vaccine for all attendees 12 years and older:

To attend the event, all guests 12 years of age and older must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination and proper identification that matches the name on the vaccination documentation. The COVID-19 vaccine means having at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine before attending. Guests can also show proof of complete COVID-19 vaccination. Your proof of vaccination must be directly from the healthcare provider who performed the vaccination and can be displayed on your smartphone, by presenting a physical copy, or using a mobile app (such as the New York State Excelsior Pass or the NYC COVID Safe app) . Children 12 and under may attend with a vaccinated adult. Fully vaccinated guests are not required to wear a mask. Everyone else (including children 2-11 years old) should cover their faces while inside, except while actively eating or drinking. Government mandates, venue protocols, and event requirements are subject to change. For more information, search for your event on msg.com.

Owens said on Twitter on November 4 that she was not vaccinated

In a tweet made on November 4, Owens said she was not vaccinated. However, she said she and Ben Shapiro, who is vaccinated, agreed that people should have the right to choose whether or not they want vaccines.

Some people are exempt from vaccination requirements in New York City

Some people are exempt from vaccination requirements in New York City, so Owens may fall within one of the exemptions. As of this writing, he had not commented on why he was attending the UFC event.

Part of Emergency Executive Order 225, which has been in effect since August 16, indicates a series of exemptions that allow people to enter a covered premises without You need proof of vaccination. However, they are asked to wear masks if they cannot keep six feet from other people. You can see the exemption in the screenshot below.

The exemptions apply to a variety of individuals, including non-residents who are performers who are not routinely employed by the entity, non-residents who are professional athletes who attend as part of their regular employment, or non-residents who accompany to a performing artist or professional athlete as part of their regular employment. if the person they are accompanying is competing or performing.

Joe Rogan may have performed at Madison Square events under the exemption

Joe Rogan hosted an event at Madison Square Garden in October. He has not revealed whether he is vaccinated or not.

The city reported that outsiders like Rogan and other traveling artists receive a pass from the vaccination requirement. Rogan did not need to be vaccinated, despite the fact that the people who attended her event had to. The City noted that it is an example of how a person could attend the event without providing proof of vaccination under the exemption rule.

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