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Conservative political commentator Candace Owens is surprised after speaking out in defense of Andrew Tate. The first she stated that she does not believe that the second is a rapist. The comment was made the same day Vice published an expos√© about the “alpha male” influencer in which she was heard in an audio message saying that he “loved to rape” a woman.

On Candace Owens’ podcast, the Republican stated that she does not approve of Tate’s “lifestyle.” However, she does not believe that he is a thief. Candace Owens said:

“My take on this is that I don’t think Andrew Tate is a r*pist. I don’t think so. I think that’s what people like to accuse men of when they’re trying to bring them down, right?”

She also attacked the women saying:

“I think women trade sex for positions in Hollywood, for positions at work, and then when they regret the sex they traded, they call a man a rapist.”

The 33-year-old said it on the same day Vice revealed that Andrew Tate allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in 2013. In a troubling audio clip that was sent to the woman who remained anonymous, Tate, who also goes by se heard the nickname “Top G” saying:

“Am I a bad person? Because the less you liked it, the more I enjoyed it…Sometimes you forget exactly how lucky you were that he fucked me. Would you rather I pin you down and do things you don’t like… .were you seriously offended that I strangled you a bit?”

Candace Owens shares her personal experience with Andrew Tate

On her podcast, the talk show host revealed that she met Andrew Tate in London when she was with her husband George Farmer. She shared that she met him through one of her mutual friends. However, she did not know anything about him at the time.

Candace Owens described Tate as “very nice” to her at the time. She then shared that her assistant, who was Romanian, spent most of her time chatting with the influencer. The assistant later reportedly told Owens, “This guy, Andrew Tate, I think he’s a pimp in Romania.” Speaking of her assistant, Owens added:

“She also said a lot of stupid things, so I really didn’t make too much of what she said. It just didn’t make sense to me… I didn’t look into it further because it wasn’t relevant.” to me and it wasn’t relevant to my life.

The podcast host then fast-forwarded to now and stated that she believes Andrew Tate is the person who represents himself on social media, but not a crook.

Netizens react to Candace Owens’ views on Andrew Tate

Netizens were stumped by Owens’ comment about the 36-year-old. Many couldn’t believe that even though Tate had also been accused of rape in the past and women accused him of misconduct, she didn’t believe Tate had predatory instincts. Several netizens were disappointed to see them defending Tate. Some reactions to Candace Owens’ opinions say:

At the time of writing this article, the Tate brothers are still in custody in Romania.