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Cal and Linda Dunham did everything together, right to the end. The Grand Rapids, Michigan couple died of COVID-19 within a minute of each other as they held hands. Although they were fully vaccinated, each had underlying health conditions that could have made them more susceptible to breakthrough infection, her daughter Sarah Dunham told WXMI-TV after her death Sunday.

As we have previously reported, fully vaccinated people can also die from Covid, like the Dunhams, due to the ‘Covid breakthrough’. Since it was first reported in June, a small percentage of Americans have died from the virus despite large vaccinations, such as flight attendant Maurice Shepperson. Nonetheless, the CDC and Biden administration have been pushing everyone to get vaccinated, with unvaccinated people accounting for more than 90% of current hospitalizations and deaths.

Cal and Linda Dunham Age

Linda Dunham was 66 and Cal Dunham 59, according to The Independent.

Cal and Linda Dunham Cause of Death

A Michigan couple who was completely empty died of Covid-19 while holding hands on September 26, their family confirmed. Cal and Linda Dunham died within a minute of each other in a hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Both reportedly took Covid-19 very seriously and “did everything possible for the protocol the way it should be done.” However, they still succumbed to the virus, prompting the family to make calls to take the pandemic seriously.

Although they were fully vaccinated, each had underlying health conditions that could have made them more susceptible to advanced infection, her daughter Sarah Dunham told WXMI-TV after her death on Sunday.

“The love they found together after a previous marriage is fantastic,” Sarah Dunham told the Fox affiliate. “They were the people you just looked at and said, ‘I want to be older like this, I want that love when I’m that age.’ “.

Their lives, though not their love, began to unravel in July, when they both began to feel ill during a camping trip. At first they thought it was sinusitis or a cold, Sarah Dunham told WXMI. By the third day they felt sick enough to interrupt their stay.

Within days, both Dunhams were hospitalized and intubated, WXMI reported, their undisclosed pre-existing conditions exacerbating their illness. On Sunday, doctors told the family that the two would have to be taken off life support on Monday. But “they had other plans,” Sarah Dunham said.

The two were brought into the same room on Sunday, and moments later, Cal Dunham died at 11:07 a.m. Linda Dunham followed them less than a minute later, dying at 11:08. It was exactly how Linda Dunham had always said it would happen, she told her daughter to WXMI.

“She would always joke and say, ‘Well, you’ll go before me, I’ll be right behind you, I promise,'” Sarah Dunham said. behind him.”

It is cases like the Dunhams that are pushing booster shots in people with underlying conditions that contribute to lowered immunity, even if they are fully vaccinated. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday recommended a third Pfizer injection for people ages 50 to 64 with underlying medical conditions six months after the first two, as well as anyone 65 and older. onwards.

It’s unclear when and how that happened, but the signs first appeared during a camping trip in early September. “(My dad) called me before our family camping trip and said he wasn’t feeling well, but he thinks it’s like sinusitis, and (mom) caught him and said he gave me his cold,” Sarah explained. However, they decided to move on with their journey. However, on the third day, the duo decided, “We have to go because we don’t feel well.” So Sarah packed them up and they went home.

Days later, both Cal and Linda were hospitalized and put on a ventilator. They reportedly had pre-existing conditions that made the situation worse. By September 26, doctors confirmed that nothing more could be done and that they would have to stop life support the next day. “They had other plans,” Sarah said. “It was Sunday and Dad said, ‘You know what? This is what we’re going to do today,'” she added.

“I’m angry that so many people say, ‘If I catch Covid, I catch Covid, that’s what it is.’ No, it’s not,” she added. In recent months, many notable anti-vaccines have changed their minds after their periods in the hospital. Nonetheless, others like Mike Lindell and Joe Rogan continue to endorse unapproved treatments like ivermectin and anti-vaccine ideologies rather than proven vaccines.


Sarah is now raising funds for her parents’ funeral through GoFundMe. At the time of the report, the fundraiser reached $ 1,135 of its goal of $ 10,000. “As this passing was unexpected, the immediate family has had less than a month to wrap their hearts and finances around this significant loss,” the description reads and asks people to “storm the skies with prayers” for the family.

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