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Bruno Cannetti Wiki – Biography

Bruno Cannetti was shot in the chest in Argentina after two individuals tried to steal his motorbike, local media reported. According to the outlet, the Argentine, 29, was ambushed by two armed robbers when he was driving through Lanus, a city south of Buenas Aires, on May 30.

Cannetti parked his bike to send a text message to his brother, UFC bantamweight fighter Guido “Ninja” Cannetti, as well as his trainer when two individuals got out of a Chevrolet and demanded that the featherweight champion hand over the keys to his motorbike.

According to the outlet’s report, Aquiles briefly forgot where his keys were and the thugs became nervous. One attempted to punch Cannetti, which prompted him to fight back. One of the robbers then pulled out a gun and Cannetti ran for cover. The individual opened fire on the featherweight champion, and he was hit in the chest and grazed in the stomach, the outlet reported.

The assailants then fled the scene with Cannetti’s phone before his trainer and Ninja arrived. Cannetti was transported to a local hospital where they removed a 22-caliber bullet from his chest. After receiving treatment, Cannetti has been released from the hospital. His brother Guido said to Infobae, “He is fine. … He was lucky that no bullet entered a soft spot and did not affect his organs.”

Bruno Cannetti Age

Bruno Cannetti’s age is unknown.

Health Condition

A video of Cannetti speaking with a doctor at an Argentinian hospital was shared by Ninja. In the video, Cannetti has a visible chest wound. Here is the video:


In the Instagram caption, Ninja’s account of the incident mirrored the local media outlet’s. He said that the criminals wanted to steal Cannetti’s motorcycle, and when the featherweight champion couldn’t find his keys to the bike, they shot at him. He said that one bullet grazed his brother’s stomach, but the other bullet hit Cannetti in the chest and was embedded in his sternum.

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Professional Career


Cannetti has been competing as a professional mixed martial artist for over 10 years, and his record currently sits at 9-6, with four wins by KO or TKO, one by submission and four by decision. Cannetti won the Combate Americas featherweight title on August 23, 2019, when he toppled Andres Quintana by unanimous decision. Cannetti had been knocked out by Quintana eight months prior.

You can watch Cannetti’s championship-winning performance below:


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