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Dr. Joseph Ladapo is Florida’s new surgeon general. Who is Ladapo’s wife, Brianna Ladapo, and her family? Brianna Ladapo is a health and wellness coach, writer, and mother of three. Joseph Ladapo once wrote a column about his wife for The Washington Post, sharing what they went through while seeking medical treatment for a chronic illness.

Governor Ron DeSantis announced Ladapo as the state’s new surgeon general on September 21. a shared press release. Ladapo told a news conference that he was advocating for public health, but that he will “reject fear as a form of policymaking.” CBS News reported. He said vaccines should be an individual decision, not a mandate, and that the state will promote other health measures like better diet, exercise and weight loss. He also said that parents will have “sole discretion” over whether their children wear masks in schools, The Daily Beast reported.

Ladapo is married to Brianna Ladapo, a health and wellness coach, according to his LinkedIn profile. They have three children, DeSantis press release shared. Ladapo, who was born in Nigeria, immigrated to the United States when he was five years old. His father is a microbiologist who taught biology at North Carolina Central University, The Harvard Gazette reported in 2008.

Brianna Ladapo is a health and wellness advisor

While the state announcement about Ladapo does not name his wife, Ladapo does list Brianna Ladapo as his wife. on your facebook page. According to Brianna Ladapo Linkedin profile, is a health and wellness coach.

She describes herself on LinkedIn this way: “Highly creative and dynamic communications professional with over fifteen years of progressive experience transforming original ideas and concepts into effective outreach tools seeking to partner with an innovative company to bring equity, hope. and transformation to the lives of citizens around the world. ”

In a biography he wrote in a Oldest Blogger website, Ladapo shared that she is “passionate about nutrition, wellness and holistic health.”

She was director of communications for the New York University School of Medicine.

According to both her Facebook and her LinkedIn profiles, Ladapo is the former director of communications for the NYU School of Medicine, where she worked until 2014 in the Department of Population Health.

She describes her role this way: “I designed and implemented an aggressive and original communication strategy focused on establishing DPH’s presence at NYUMC and among other successful cost-effectiveness groups across the country. Establish close, interpersonal relationships with public relations and media officials to facilitate the establishment of DPH physician-researchers as experts in their fields and increase the visibility of the research and the community outreach of the section. ”

He wrote that he redesigned many websites and created a thriving social media presence.

Before that, she was the Assistant Director of Annual Giving at Harvard Medical School, her profiles noted. Her LinkedIn profile further shared that she is currently a health and wellness coach as well as a director for East Coast Promotions.

Wrote in 2020 that the pandemic was being used to ‘stoke fear and manipulate the public … with disinformation’

In a Facebook post on March 24, 2040, Brianna Ladapo shared that her husband, as a physician at UCLA, was on the team that was treating COVID-19 patients. He said the unpredictability of the virus and the lack of basic protective gear were surreal. However, he added, the most frustrating aspect was how the virus was being used to create fear in the public. She shared the note along with a link to a USA Today article written by her husband.

She wrote:

Good morning Facebook family. I hope with all my heart that you are all healthy and safe. I have been subject to a social media embargo for a couple of weeks as my energy is needed elsewhere, but I am showing up to share my husband’s latest article as it is important read.

As most of you know, he is a physician at UCLA and is on the team treating COVID-19 patients. The experience has been surreal in many ways; the unpredictability of this virus, its ease of transmission, the shortage of basic protective equipment in the hospital for healthcare workers and the total lack of preparation of our healthcare system to handle the necessary volume of patients are challenging our ability to stop this crisis.

However, arguably the most frustrating aspect of this pandemic is the way it is being used to stoke fear and manipulate the public, particularly with misinformation, into paying an even greater price than we are already condemned to pay.

Staying properly informed and realistic about where we really are is critical if we ever hope to get over this. I wish you all good health, love, peace and clarity in the days ahead.

In the article, Joseph Ladapo shared that there was already too much spread in the community to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed when restrictions are finally lifted.

He wrote: “The only potential savior that would avoid this scenario is an effective vaccine, but the estimates I have seen put us between 12 and 18 months for that to be a reality. Clinical trials are ongoing and are expected to produce an effective treatment, but a cure is unlikely. Either way, the models indicate that our hospitals, with current capacity, will be overwhelmed, with or without closures. ”

His suggestion, he said, was to keep the economy going, keep the shutdowns short, and “focus resolutely on building the capacity we need to survive this in our health care system. We desperately need more intensive care unit beds and ventilators to give the seriously ill a chance to survive – borrow them, buy them, build them, convert structures into dedicated coronavirus centers, etc. We must do whatever it takes, and do it yesterday. . And for God’s sake, where the heck are the COVID-19 tests? ”

She had a chronic debilitating illness and her husband wrote a column about how they finally found help

In 2016, Joseph Ladapo wrote a column for The Washington Post about his experience when his wife had a chronic and debilitating illness. He said he went through seven hospitalizations and several visits to the emergency room that taught him a lot about the healthcare system in the US. For example, she said that she developed intravenous thrombophlebitis. Despite feeling pain, neither she nor Ladapo pressed when the nurse told them everything was fine. But then they realized that she really hadn’t been well after all and they should have pushed for the source of her pain to be investigated further.

He also shared that they needed unconventional treatments from a neurologist and a pain specialist to finally help with the “excruciating pain” of his illness. He shared that he had to do a thorough investigation before finding a neurologist in Texas who “she connected us with a prominent neurologist in New York whose new and unconventional ideas finally began to help her and gave her relief … “

He wrote poetry and had a blog with healthy recipes.

In a biography he wrote in a Oldest Blogger website Dating about 10 years ago, Ladapo described herself as having written “feature articles, award-winning poetry, and works of fiction” that “have appeared in various publications across the country, including National Geographic, Natural Health Journals, and LIVESTRONG.”

Your blog, with the latest post dated 2013, shared a number of healthy recipes that she recommended or even made up herself. One of his publications included a vegan toffee recipe, her favorite holiday treat.

Brianna Ladapo’s LinkedIn profile shared that she has a Masters’s in English and American Language and Literature from Harvard. He also has a BA in English Literature from the University of California, Davis.

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