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Brianna Armstrong Wiki, Biography

Brianna Armstrong, a resident of Chesapeake, Virginia, disappeared in May 2015. Her dismembered body parts were discovered weeks later near the Dismal Swamp channel by a cyclist inside garbage bags, which were only identified through dental records and DNA testing.

A man named Justin Cornell, Armstrong’s co-worker at a day spa called Knuckles ‘N’ Knots, was eventually linked to the murder using DNA and other evidence. It was alleged that the victim was still alive and was likely held captive by Cornell while authorities investigated her disappearance. An autopsy revealed that she was killed three or four days before her body was found.

ID’s The Body in the Swamp revisits the disappearance of Brianna Armstrong and her subsequent murder and dismemberment on Thursday, January 12, 2023 at 10 p.m. m. ET. The official synopsis for the episode reads:

“When a highly trusted employee of a day spa in Virginia Beach, Virginia, doesn’t show up for work, her coworkers fear the worst; several weeks later, a cyclist makes a horrific discovery that will forever change the lives of those who love her. love.”

This article will further discuss the lurid details of the Brianna Armstrong case.

Brianna Armstrong was missing for weeks before her dismembered body parts were discovered in the Dismal Swamp channel.

Brianna Armstrong, 43, reportedly worked as a masseuse at a day spa called Knuckles ‘N’ Knots. However, she did not show up for work on May 8, 2015, and her husband, Corey Creek, officially reported her missing the next day. Armstrong was last seen on May 7.

On May 13, after two weeks of a rigorous investigation into her disappearance, authorities were able to locate her abandoned car in a shopping center parking lot on Newtown Road. The car was unlocked with the keys still in the ignition, where her shoes and wallet were found inside her.

A few weeks later, on May 31, a cyclist found Armstrong’s dismembered remains dumped in garbage bags in the Dismal Swamp channel. His remains were reportedly found near the bike path in “several separate trash bags.”

An autopsy concluded that Brianna died of unspecified criminal violence and suffered post-mortem mutilation, including decapitation and dismemberment. The evidence also alleged that she had only been dead for three to four days at the most before the mutilated parts of her body were found. Unfortunately, it was nearly impossible to determine her cause of death.

Co-worker Justin Cornell was convicted of the disappearance of Brianna Armstrong and the subsequent murder and dismemberment of her.

According to the autopsy report, authorities finally realized that Brianna Armstrong had been kept alive for weeks while they investigated her disappearance. While collecting evidence from the swamp, they found a receipt with Justin Cornell’s name inside the trash bags. In addition, they found underwear and pieces of latex gloves. Cornell was Brianna’s co-worker and alleged romantic partner.

On June 9, more than a month after the victim’s initial disappearance, authorities conducted a search of Cornell’s home and realized that she lived not far from where Armstrong’s abandoned car was found. They also discovered blood inside the suspect’s home as well as the same type of cheap garbage bags that were used to dispose of the victim’s body.

Justin Cornell was later charged with second degree murder and went to trial in 2016, where he was convicted and sentenced to 40 years in prison.