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Briana Thomas filed a lawsuit against Sony Pictures Television, which produces the long-running CBS soap opera, and CBS Studios. The complaint alleges that showrunner Anthony “Tony” Morina took an interest in Thomas when she appeared in a supporting role as a barista in 2018 and 2019.

According to the complaint, he would often glance at her, approach her, and praise her appearance, telling her that she could “really be something” on the show. In one scene by the pool, he allegedly tried to get her to remove her sarong so he could see her in a bikini.

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Briana Thomas’s age is unknown.

Briana Thomas Files lawsuit against ‘The Young and the Restless

Thomas appeared on the show in a background role as a barista in 2018 and 2019. Legal documents filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court (read here) state in detail that during that time, EP Morina commented on her body, did repeated advances, offered “private acting lessons,” then fired her when rejected.

The complaint states that Morina was glancing at Thomas, praising his appearance, and allegedly telling him that he could “really be something” on the show. She allegedly asked him to remove a sarong so she could see her in a bikini in a poolside scene.

“It’s a difficult industry to get into, unless you know someone who can help you,” she supposedly said, touching her waist as she fiddled with the strings of her bikini. “Let’s start with a private session and see if we can make him feel a little more comfortable,” the lawsuit says.

Looking for a variety of damages, “unpaid wages, payment of premiums and statutory penalties” and fees, the nine-claim discrimination and retaliation lawsuit sets out very specifically how Thomas claims his Y&R period came to an end.

“After rejecting her advances for months, Morina began retaliating against the plaintiff and at one point broke out in front of other staff members and co-workers,” the 22-page document reads. “Morina began to yell at the Plaintiff and tell her that she was ‘just an extra’ and that ‘I was not going to be a part of (her)’ while verbally cursing and abusing the Plaintiff and humiliating her in front of other staff members”, adds. Morina also told Plaintiff that he only decided whether Plaintiff’s presence at Y&R continued. ”

“Morina then told Plaintiff ‘I am the reason you have a job. I’m doing you a favor. I like you. Do you understand what I am saying? ‘”, The complaint reads:” Morina again proposed propositions to the plaintiff during his tirade. ”

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“After the plaintiff rejected his advances again, Morina’s voice grew even louder as she spat out more profanity and insults,” notes the paperwork. “The plaintiff was shocked, embarrassed, and distraught after Morin’s attack. The claimant left work that day, received an email stating that her employment had been terminated and that she was no longer needed in the program. ”

Thomas’ lead attorney, Carney Shegerian, has had legal action in the past against television producers. He went after Fremantle in 2012 for the alleged treatment of a pregnant Price is Right model, Brandi Cochran. CBS did not respond to a request for comment on Thomas’ action. Sony TV declined to comment on the matter.

Thomas alleges that Morina continued to harass her and make sexual advances during 2018 and 2019. According to the lawsuit, she also complained about having to attend sexual harassment training, saying that the seminars were “bullshit” and that some “bitches” “had her panties. ” in a lot “and” didn’t know how to take a compliment. ”

Morina also allegedly referred to a black actress with short hair derisively, saying that she “has a sexy body, but it’s a shame that her head looks like a Chia Pet.”

On another occasion, Morina allegedly cornered Thomas on a staircase, asked if she lived alone, and asked again if she wanted private lessons. She was more forceful in rejecting her than she had previously been, prompting Morina to ask her if she knew what she was doing, according to the lawsuit. She took it as a threat. Later, Morina yelled at her on set, saying she was “just an extra,” according to the complaint.


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