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Brendan Evans, 35, who was initially charged with 17 counts of animal cruelty in the 2017 torture of a pit bull named Ollie, pleaded guilty to two counts after prosecutors removed the others in exchange for his testimony, defense attorney Michael Gottlieb told South Florida. Tuesday Sun-Sentinel.

Evans of Hollywood had insisted he was innocent after a couple out for a night walk heard the brutalized puppy cry and cling to life while he was inside a blue suitcase near his apartment. The dog was rushed to an animal clinic but died two days later, the newspaper reported.

Hundreds of animal lovers volunteered to adopt Ollie before he died and donated nearly $ 60,000 in hopes of locating his killer once the dog succumbed to his injuries. Evans was charged after Hollywood police linked his DNA to the blue suitcase, according to the report.

Brendan Evans Age

Brendan Evans is 35 years old.

Brendan Evans Pleads guilty to stabbing pitbull puppy 

A Florida man pleaded guilty to torturing a pit bull puppy, stabbing it more than 50 times, and then stuffing it in a suitcase while it was still alive. Detectives searched his apartment and found severed cats and rat’s feet, as well as bloodstains on a shower curtain and a toilet. An 18-inch machete was also recovered and investigators discovered dried blood and animal skins in its oven, authorities said.

Investigators also discovered a handwritten note in Evans’ apartment imploring “the entire pit bull investigation” to go away, police said. Return all curses on Brendan to their sender, ”the cryptic note read. “Give Brendan peace of mind.” Evans has been incarcerated since his arrest in November 2017.

“He’s approaching four years old,” Gottlieb said Tuesday. “My client wanted closure.” Gottlieb said Evans needs mental health care in addition to the medications he takes, treatment he has not received while he is behind bars. “I am hopeful that the prison will provide him with some kind of help when he arrives,” Gottlieb told the newspaper. “This is the biggest problem in sentencing someone like him to prison. At some point he’s going to come out. He comes from a very good family. So I’m sure they will help you. ”

Evans also faces up to 15 years in prison in a separate case involving a parole violation in a robbery in Hernando County. He has a hearing scheduled for Friday, the Sun Sentinel reported. Evans had faced up to 85 years in prison if he was convicted of all 17 counts of animal cruelty. The organizer of a Facebook group called “Justice for Ollie” said details of the dog’s torture and fight to stay alive resonated with people around the world, including New York and London.

“Ollie endured immense pain and stayed alive for a reason,” animal activist Mindy Moffatt told the newspaper. “He is the reason why all these other animals will not have to endure a painful death. That is why this dog means the world to me. But Moffatt wrote in a Facebook post Tuesday that nothing would bring Ollie back despite Evans’ plea in the case as he said that he “should be turning” the 85 years he faced. “I hope the other case gives him more time in addition to his charge because he needs to stay in prison for a long time!” Moffatt said. “It scares me to think of the day when he will go free.”

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