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Braxton Baker Wiki – Braxton Baker Biography

Braxton Baker was a Rapper and social media influencer. She also is known as BraxAttacks. Born Braxton Baker, she was working on two albums and three novels at the time of her death, according to an Instagram post from her mother, Letricia Loftin, on Thursday. The specifics of Brax’s death are still unclear.

Brax had also been pursuing a singing career and choreography, among various other talents. Her mother’s post also indicates that fashion projects were in the works, specifically ones that involved “Black queer revolutionary womxn.”

Essence, who first reported the singer’s death, reported that the artist garnered a following after releasing “VERSE(atility),” an album that can no longer be found on Spotify or other major streaming services aside from SoundCloud. The body of work included “Lil b—-,” a song that is still up on Brax’s YouTube channel.

The rapper also styled, choreographed, and directed her debut music video.

Braxton Baker Age

Braxton Baker was 21 years old. She was born in 1998 in Richmond, Virginia.


Baker’s mother, Letricia Loftin Russell, is an “award-winning gospel radio personality,” according to her LinkedIn page, which points out that her “greatest gift” is her family: ” her husband, Arthur Russell, III, and their five children, Brianna (25), Brooklyn (24), Braxton (21), Kahlil (15) and Jada (12).”

Cause of Death

Rapper Braxton “Brax” Baker has passed away. She was 21. Brax’s cause of death has not been made public. Her mother, Letricia Loftin Russell, posted to Instagram about the sad news on Thursday. “Our angel, Braxton Blue.B Baker has ascended,” Russell wrote. “It was a spiritual release. God retrieved the angel He loaned us.” She didn’t say what her daughter’s cause of death was, only that “There were no scratches there were no bruises, her internal and external being was completely pure.”

At the time of her ascendance, She laid in sacred form. There were no scratches there were no bruises, her internal and external being was completely pure. It was a spiritual release. God retrieved the angel He loaned us.

Braxton was in spiritual retreat, carefully crafting and curating her art. She has since dedicated her art to humanity and healing, composing two albums and three novels.

Most recently she was in the process of forming her brand merging her loves for fashion and the work of Black queer revolutionary womxn.

Braxton knew that God was working through her, she had “vessel” and “gifted” permanently placed on her body. She knew that her brilliance and art would be shared with the world in God’s timing. This is just the beginning, our whole beings are dedicated to sharing her sacred art with the world.

Braxton emphasized, “I’m just delivering God’s message, I’m here and it’s all beyond me. My purpose is way far greater than me.”

***We do not own the rights to this music*** but the art that is coming is a gift to the world.

Most recently, Brax had been evolving her brand by merging her love of fashion and “Black queer revolutionary womxn,” Russell wrote.

Other collaborators also took to social media to mourn the young creator.

“Until we meet again, RIP Brax,” wrote makeup artist Scott Osbourne Jr. in an Instagram post about Brax and her passing. “Man the work you created, and the work we created together will live on forever!”

“I have been using my creativity to build a unique brand for years. I’ve been directing my own shoots, directing my own videos, styling myself, writing poetry, writing articles, writing raps, choreographing dances, styling myself, and styling others like it was nothing for years,” she told the publication. “Now that I’ve embraced that power, I don’t think the world is ready.”

Others on Twitter shared favorite images of the influencer and expressed well-wishes for Brax’s family.


Net Worth

Brax’s net worth is unclear.


Brax had more than 103,000 followers on Instagram. Scores of fans paid their condolences in the comments section of her latest post, which she shared in March 2019.



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