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Branden Wolfe Wiki – Biography

Branden Wolfe’s bio says he lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota, but is originally from Florida. He has a quote placed beneath his profile picture which reads, “Silence becomes violence when we refuse guidance to those who seek it.”

Here’s a portion of the Justice Dept. press release that explains Wolfe’s alleged role in burning down the 3rd Precinct:

“On June 3, 2020, St. Paul police officers responded to a home improvement store in St. Paul after receiving a complaint that an individual, later identified as WOLFE, wearing body armor and a law enforcement duty belt and carrying a baton was trying to get into the store. According to employees, WOLFE had been employed as a security guard at the store but was fired earlier that day after referring to social media posts about stealing items from the Third Precinct. Officers located WOLFE and took him into custody. At the time of the arrest, WOLFE was wearing multiple items stolen from the Third Precinct, including body armor, a police-issue duty belt with handcuffs, an earphone piece, baton, and knife. WOLFE’s name was handwritten in duct tape on the back of the body armor. Law enforcement later recovered from WOLFE’s apartment additional items belonging to the Minneapolis Police Department, including a riot helmet, 9mm pistol magazine, police radio, and police issue overdose kit.”

Wolfe posted to social media at numerous points throughout that week, as Lyden of Fox9 notes. He claimed to be peacefully protesting. He did not admit to starting the fire, but he’s the only person who’s been arrested so far.

Branden Wolfe Age

Branden Wolfe is 23 years old.


Branden Wolfe has been charged in the arson of the 3rd Precinct in Minneapolis, according to a press release from the Department of Justice. Wolfe, 23, has been charged with aiding and abetting arson and will appear in court on June 9 for his initial appearance.

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The 3rd Precinct went up in flames and was vandalized on May 28, 2020, amid widespread protests against the killing of George Floyd. Officers arrested Wolfe on June 3. He waived his Miranda rights and admitted that he was present for the fire, that he took property from the building, and that he pushed a wooden barrel into the fire, according to the official complaint.

According to Tom Lyden of Fox9 News, Wolfe was wearing body armor, duty belts, cuffs, baton, and a knife stolen from the 3rd Precinct.

Post on Social Media

Wolfe has written numerous Facebook statuses in the last month, many of them reflecting random thoughts he has. In one post, he wrote, “Is jealousy a sign of love? ‘Many glamorize jealousy by saying it’s a sign of love. It’s not! It’s a sign of insecurity…’ This is for those who seem to be confused…”

According to his Facebook, Wolfe most recently worked as a private security guard for O’Brien and Associates, a security guard company that contracted him out to Menards, a home improvement store in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Prior to that, he worked as a security guard for Medusa Night Club in Minneapolis.


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