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Ivan a ten-year-old boy who was accused of getting a 13-year-old girl pregnant is is too sexually immature to have produced sperm, according to a leading Russian doctor who examined the child for a Russian television show.

Darya Age

She is 13 years old.

Darya’s Boyfriend

Ivan, from the town of Zheleznogorsk, also claims he is the father of Darya’s baby. He is 10 years old.

In any case, the young lady has demanded she had no other accomplice and her words are accepted by a Moscow master mental profiler.

With his parental consent, a disturbing network show uncovered the essences of the youngsters at the focal point of a case that has caused profound contention and worry in Russia.

The kid and his folks consented to his restorative assessment with the outcomes uncovered to a huge number of watchers when the kids Ivan (Vanya) and Darya (Dasha) were out of the studio.

Notwithstanding across the board reports that he made her pregnant, the famous On Air Live show with moderator, Andrey Malakhov, featured Dr Evgeny Grekov, a urology and androgyny master, who denied Ivan could be the dad.

The boy – who gave her roses when they started dating – was asked by famous Russian presenter Andrey Malakhov when he realised that ‘when you kissed Dasha and so on, that it could lead to such consequences?’


Darya’s Pregnancy Medical Report

He told watchers: ‘We reevaluated the research facility results multiple times so there can’t be any error.’

The doctor said on camera: ‘There can’t be sperm cells. He is as yet a kid.’

He had scarcely begun adrenarche – the beginning period of sexual development, Dr Grekov included.

‘There is even no testosterone. What’s more, just to include, he despite everything has immature sex organs. Adolescence has not begun. So we have a great deal of inquiries.’

The Rossiya 1 channel appear – called ‘Father at 10!?’ – featured a neighbor in the town of Zheleznogorsk, an atomic generation city in Siberia which is shut to untouchables, proposing the young lady had another more established accomplice.

The male neighbor in his 40s stated: ‘Clearly, another person did this. They simply need to balance it on the kid now.’

Be that as it may, Darya denied this and uncovered she and Ivan had intercourse at his home when his mom was away.

She told watchers: ‘It was Vanya’s thought [to have sex]. Be that as it may, I wouldn’t fret.

‘He shut the entryway leaving the key in the lock, so his mum couldn’t open the entryway. It was somewhat unnerving – that it would be difficult.

‘It was only a little – and afterward everything was ordinary. It was somewhat despicable, we were simply covering up under the cover.

‘I didn’t feel that matured 10 he can do such things…I felt that nothing would occur.’

‘After we did it just because, we escaped each other under the cover out of disgrace’, included Darya.

Clinician Denis Davydov said when Darya was examined on whether she had any other person, she gave a ‘sharp dismissal’.

‘This gives me the privilege to state that she had no contact with different young men or men, she just had Vanya as an accomplice’, he asserted.

Ivan said that ‘Darya has never been with another man and that he is the dad of her infant’.

The youngsters state they turned into an objective for tormenting in Zheleznogorsk after their story got known.

As indicated by the kids, they met each other a year back and began to look all starry eyed at from the outset sight.

Darya, who is two months pregnant, said during the On Air appear: ‘A companion of mine presented us and after two days we began dating.

‘Ivan said he was infatuated with me. We attempted to get to know one another as we could. We like strolling down the lanes clasping hands and kissing.’

As indicated by the young lady, who is anticipating keeping the kid, she and her sweetheart deal with one another and set their online life as ‘wedded’.




He answered: ‘I didn’t consider this. Darya has never been with another man. I realize that without a doubt. I am the dad of her child.’

Ivan was inquired as to whether the kid could be another person’s he stated: ‘This can’t be.’

The young lady and her mom need to keep the infant however it is too soon in the pregnancy for a DNA beware of the kid, which will be finished later.

Not long after in the wake of starting their sexual coexistence, Darya said she felt debilitated and began experiencing consistent sickness and retching.

Darya’s mom Elena, 35, took her to medical clinic for assessments yet specialists neglected to discover the reason for her ‘ailment’.

At last, Elena purchased a pregnancy test pack and showed her little girl how to utilize it.

Elena, who was likewise taking an interest in the show, stated: ‘The test demonstrated that Darya was pregnant. From that point forward, she admitted to having intercourse with Vanya. I was in stun. I was unable to state a word.

‘I can’t see how this could be? Simply wake me up, I can barely handle it.

‘At the point when we began talking she said she would not execute the infant and I bolster her choice. I don’t need her to go under the blade.’

The kid’s mom, Galina, 28, is persuaded he is coming clean and are wanting to help Darya to bring up the kid.

She stated: ‘I didn’t have the foggiest idea what to state in the wake of discovering that my 10-year-old child fathered a kid.

‘I think Ivan himself doesn’t exactly comprehend what occurred.

‘They didn’t utilize any contraceptives and clearly didn’t understand the potential outcomes.

‘I accept my child, that he is the dad. I comprehend that he perhaps doesn’t understand what occurred.

‘He is only a kid, regardless of in the event that he feels himself to be more established. He revealed to me that they went to our level, Dasha recommended it, and they had [sex] just once.’

On the show, Darya asked him in a soft tone: ‘Are you terrified?’ He answered: ‘Very.’ She let him know: ‘No stresses.’

Darya included: ‘When I was contemplating the conveyance procedure I was terrified. Be that as it may, at that point I saw my child during a ultrasound. It was so little and adorable. Presently I am prepared to conceive an offspring.’

The kid and young lady go to various schools and began dating in February, it was uncovered on the show.

Nearby pediatrician Nikolai Skorobogatov told: ‘Hypothetically the two kids could arrive at reproductive age.’


Investigation Report

It was aired as the Russian Investigative Committee has begun a preliminary check into the case and police launched an investigation.

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