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Bob McClancy Wiki, Biography

When Vietnam War veteran Bob McClancy was found dead inside his home in 2006 with a bottle of pills scattered around him and a gun in his lap, his family, friends and sheriff’s deputies believed the 56-year-old man had died by suicide. McClancy reportedly suffered from a post-traumatic stress disorder and struggled with mental health issues, making suicide more likely.

However, further investigation into the life of the ex-Marine, his then-wife Martha Ann McClancy, and the questionable activities of his good friend and fake war veteran Chuck Kaczmarczyk dismantled the suicide theory and revealed the truth behind the suspicious death of him years later.

A story of fraud, infidelity, greed and deceit summed up the murder of Bob McClancy, who was given a lethal dose of a prescription drug by his wife to get him out of the way so he could be with her lover Kaczmarczyk. The duo were convicted of their crimes.

On Tuesday, January 10, Dateline: Secrets Uncovered will further explore McClancy’s fascinating case in an upcoming episode titled Secrets In The Smoky Mountains. The episode will air at 11:00 p.m. m. ET on Oxygen and its synopsis reads:

“Bob McClancy was a beloved detective. His death was ruled a suicide. His loved ones were suspicious. United in grief, his widow and good friend fell in love. Then Bob’s son began asking questions and discovered a secret”.

Initially, Bob McClancy’s death was ruled a suicide caused by an apparent overdose of antidepressants.

Bob McClancy, a former Marine and Vietnam War veteran who also worked as a sheriff’s detective in Florida, retired in Tennessee with his wife, Martha Ann McClancy, whom he met while serving in law enforcement. According to sources, McClancy suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of his time in the military.

His stepson, Martha’s son, Sean McGavic, stated that “certain kinds of triggering noises would just give him a moment’s panic” and that “PTSD took a toll on Bob.”

In 2006, McClancy was asked to enroll in an inpatient therapy program. It was then that he met Chuck Kaczmarczyk, a fellow war veteran who was also receiving treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. The two became close and remained good friends even after leaving high school. However, Bob continued to suffer from mental health issues.

On the afternoon of May 15, 2006, Kaczmarczyk found McClancy, 56, dead at his home in Coker Creek, Tennessee, and called 911. At the scene, authorities found him dead in his recliner with a handgun. , which she hadn’t used, and pills scattered around her with white foam coming out of her mouth.

Since there were no signs of a break-in or struggle, and given the victim’s history of mental health problems, the medical examiner initially ruled the incident a suicide by overdose of antidepressants. His wife, Martha Ann, further claimed that she frequently abused his medication and that he most likely overdosed. However, his cause of death remained undetermined.

Bob McClancy’s wife, Martha Ann, married her good friend Chuck Kaczmarczyk and plotted to kill him for financial gain.

The events that traspired after his death finally revealed a sinister murder plot revolving around a love triangle and years of lies when Bob McClancy’s wife, Martha Ann, married her good friend Chuck Kaczmarczyk. Authorities discovered that the two were defrauding the government of Social Security and veteran’s benefits based on false claims and lies.

In addition, it was Martha Ann’s son and Bob’s stepson, Sean McGavic, who helped authorities find evidence that would incriminate her mother and Kaczmarczyk in the death of the war veteran. Sean used crime scene photos found on his mother’s computer. Later, a confession from Kaczmarczyk revealed that the two poisoned Bob using his own medication for financial gain.

It is revealed that the two began their affair while Bob McClancy was still alive and plotted to murder him together. Martha had been hiding Bob’s prescription pills in her food, which eventually led to an overdose that killed him. The two subsequently organized the crime scene and documented it by taking pictures with a digital camera and saving them on Martha’s computer.

Chuck Kaczmarczyk pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 25 years in prison, while Martha Anna denied her involvement and was eventually found guilty in her November 2015 trial. She was found guilty of attempting to commit first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and was sentenced to 50 years in prison.