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Bishop Harry Jackson Wiki – Bishop Harry Jackson Biography

Bishop Harry Jackson was a frequent White House visitor who served as an unofficial evangelical adviser to Trump and attended a number of high-profile events this year, including the Republican National Convention and the ceremony where Justice Amy Coney Barrett was officially announced as Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Religion News reported. According to the Hope Christian Church’s website, Jackson has been the senior pastor at the ministry since 1988, when he transferred from Corning, New York.

Harry was an American Christian preacher and Pentecostal bishop who served as the senior pastor at Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, Maryland, and served as the Presiding bishop of the International Communion of Evangelical Churches. He was also a social conservative activist and commentator and was known for his opposition to same-sex marriage and abortion.

Jackson was the founder and chairman of the High Impact Leadership Coalition, which is composed of ministers who actively promote socially conservative causes. Bishop Jackson is also a co-founder of The Reconciled Church Initiative which seeks to bring racial healing to the church and America.

Jackson also appeared at the White House ceremony for Trump’s official announcement nominating Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court and also appeared alongside Vice President Mike Pence at a town hall on November 1, the outlet wrote. Jackson’s church confirmed to the outlet in October that the pastor had tested negative for coronavirus after the White House event at which many attendees tested positive.

In addition to being the senior pastor at Hope Christian Church, Jackson also served as the presiding bishop at the International Communion of Evangelical Churches. The activist also founded and chaired the High Impact Leadership Coalition, a group of ministers who champion socially conservative ideas, according to his bio at Whitaker House.

Jackson was also an author who wrote multiple books, including You Were Born for More: Six Steps to Breaking Through to Your Destiny and In-Laws, Outlaws, and the Functional Family: A Real-World Guide to Resolving Today’s Family Issues, his bio reads. He also co-authored High Impact African American Churches with George Barna which won the Silver Medallion Award from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. More recently, he published A Manifesto: Christian America’s Contract with Minorities in August 2020, described as “a biblical agenda or manifesto to bring about social change in our nation.”

Bishop Harry Jackson Age

Bishop Harry Jackson was 66 years old.

Views on marriage and abortion

Jackson believed that same-s**ex marriage and abortion are morally wrong. He believed that abortion and gay marriage are causing the erosion of the black family, saying “I don’t know of anybody black who says, ‘I hate gay people.’ We’re more accepting generally. But you overlap that – homos**exuality and gay marriage – with broken families, and we don’t know how to put it back together,” he said.

“I believe that the Bible teaches that same-s**ex marriage is an oxymoron,” he said. “If you redefine marriage, you have to redefine family. You’d have to redefine parenting. I’m looking at the extinction of marriage. And black culture is in a free fall.”

Jackson has agreed with Pope Benedict XVI’s belief that condoms promote AIDS.

Bishop Harry Jackson Death

Bishop Harry Jackson Jr., Donald Trump’s evangelical adviser, died on November 9 at the age of 66. Jackson’s church, Hope Christian Church, issued a statement on its website confirming the death of the well-known conservative pastor. A cause of death was not immediately provided.

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The statement from the Beltsville, Maryland church reads, “It is with a heavy heart that we notify you that our beloved Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr. has transitioned to be with the Lord on November 9, 2020. Please pray for the Jackson family’s comfort and respect their right to privacy at this time.”

Cause of Death

Cause of death unknown at this time.

Net Worth

Bishop’s net worth is unknown.


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