Who is Beverly Berry? Wiki, Biography, Age, Wilford Brimley Wife, Children, Husband Death, Net Worth

Beverly Berry Wiki – Biography

Beverly Berry Brimley is the wife of Wilford Brimley, an American actor known for his roles in The China Syndrome (1979), The Thing (1982), and The Natural (1984).

In 2009, Beverly Berry and Wilford Brimley founded nonprofit organization Hands Across the Saddle (HATS) in the Big Horn Basin.


Beverly’s age is unclear. Her husband Wilford Brimley was born on September 27, 1934, in Salt Lake City, Utah, and died on August 1, 2020, at the age of 85.

Wilford Brimley Wife

Wilford Brimley married his wife Beverly on October 31, 2007. He was previously married to Lynne Bagley from July 6, 1956, until her death in June 2000.

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Beverly Berry Children

Beverly and Wilford Brimley had no children. However, Wilford Brimley had four sons with his first wife, Lynne Bagley.

Wilford Brimley Cause of Death

He died on August 1, 2020, aged 85, at a hospital in St. George, Utah. His manager Lynda Bensky said in a statement: “Wilford Brimley was a man you could trust. He said what he meant and he meant what he said. He had a tough exterior and a tender heart. I’m sad that I will no longer get to hear my friend’s wonderful stories. He was one of a kind.”

Barbara Hershey – who met Brimley on 1995’s “Last of the Dogmen” – tweeted: “Wilford Brimley was a wonderful man and actor. I had the great pleasure of working with him. He always made me laugh.”


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