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Bernard Polite – Body Found at Home of Pennsy Man Who Pulled Gun on Pastor During Church Service

Pennsylvania police are investigating after finding the body of a man shot to death at the home of another man who pulled a gun on a pastor in the middle of a livestreamed church service Sunday morning.

Bernard Polite, 26, was arrested after his gun jammed at Jesus’ Dwelling Place Church in North Braddock and church deacon tackled him to the ground. The livestream of the service showed Pastor Glenn Germany in front of his congregation before a man in a black t-shirt stepped in front of the camera and aimed his gun.

Germany dove for cover behind the pulpit as Polite follows him. But Deacon Clarence McCallister comes behind and takes the gunman to the ground with Germany and another man joining him. Together, they wrestled the gun away and held him until police arrived.

“I started to begin to preach and all of a sudden, from my left-hand side, I saw him move from the back to the front of the church, and he set up in the front corner of the church and smiled at me,” Germany told WTAE. ” … All of a sudden, I just saw a gun pointing right at me. And at that point, all I could try to do is run for cover.”

Germany said he didn’t know the man but saw him in the church before the incident. McAllister, he told KDKA, is “a hero. There’s something that needs to be done and I jumped up and handled my business,” McCallister said.

A criminal complaint says that Polite told police “God told him to do it,” according to WTAE. Germany told KDKA he spoke with the gunman while they were waiting for police. “This guy was just dealing with spirits, he said, and he came in and wanted to shoot somebody,” according to the pastor, who added that Polite said their were voices in his mind.

Hours later, police arrived at Polite’s home and found a man shot to death there. The Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office identified him as 56-year-old Derek Polite, but police have not confirmed a relationship with the church gunman.

Bernard Polite was arraigned early Monday morning at multiple charges relating to the church incident, including attempted murder. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for later this month.