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In his film, First Time at the helm, Canadian producer Rob Jabbaz composes and coordinates The Sadness, a 2021 Taiwanese horror drink. Starring Berant Zhu and Regina as a Taiwanese couple trying to reconnect amid a viral flare-up that turns individuals into murderous lunatics. The Crossed comic series had a powerful influence on this.

Does The Sadness Cast Berant Zhu Have A Girlfriend? The cast of Bitterness is pleased with its single status. He doesn’t have all the characteristics of dating someone. He may see someone, he keeps his own life hidden from the public eye. His on-screen sentiment with Regina Lei in The Sadness series has confused fans around the world.

In other words, Berant is so distracted by her calling that she has no opportunity to look for his better half. It is therefore unclear if he has a girlfriend or is still single.

The Cast of Sadness, Berant Zhu, is a notable VIP in the realm of the Chinese film industry.

Berant Zhu Wikipedia: how old is he? Berant Zhu was born in Taichung, Taiwan, on April 4, 1999. He is now 23 years old. He was born in the year of the rabbit. As indicated by the Chinese zodiac, the rabbit appreciates being surrounded by loved ones.

The zodiac sign of Berant Zhu is also Aries. Aries’ appearance, as indicated by crystal viewers, consistently marks the beginning of all that is lively and tumultuous. His real name is Zhu Tingdian.

He made his acting introduction with How to Train Your Dragon (2018). In the film, he took on the role of Wang Yun-hello there. According to his IMDb page, he has six credits, including a few TV series and movies.

He has featured a number of music recordings and acted in films and network shows. He can be seen in music recordings such as the Annual Ring Hypothesis and Back Reflect.

Berant Zhu’s Family Details Revealed Berant Zhu may have a caring family who support him in all his endeavors, other than openly providing insight into his family. He seizes the opportunity to get his family far from the paparazzi, as he is likely aware of the pessimistic effects this could have on his family’s own lives.

Despite yet to name his family, it’s a given that his parents raised an exceptionally capable and magnetic entertainer. He lived with his family in Taiwan, but it is not clear if his family actually lives there or on the other side if they have moved from then on.

The nationality of Berant Zhu is Han Chinese. He also continued from Shih Chien University, Taipei, Taiwan.

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