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What movie did Ben Azelart play in? Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Family, Height, Net Worth, Fast Facts

Ben Azelart, a prominent American social media influencer and multi-talented content creator, has built a substantial and dedicated following across various online platforms. His journey into the world of social media began years ago, but his ascent to digital stardom truly took off when he burst onto the YouTube scene in the mid-2010s. Since then, his captivating content, adventurous spirit, and vibrant personality have continued to attract a diverse audience, which led to him acting in some movies and TV series.

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Early life and childhood

Ben Azelart was born on 10 January 2002, in Dallas, Texas, to his parents Lionel and Jill Azelart; his heritage is a mix of half-French, part-Irish, and part-German ancestry. He spent his formative years in the Lone Star State until his family made the move to Hawaii when he was four. His father, Lionel, works as a pilot for Hawaii Airlines Inc. and holds the position of fleet captain, while his mother, Jill, pursued a career as a dental hygienist. He and his older brother, Julien, whom he shares a close bond with, were raised in a middle-class Christian household.

It was during his time in Hawaii that Ben’s deep love for outdoor board sports, including skateboarding and surfing, began to flourish. He even participated in numerous skateboarding competitions, including prestigious events such as the Vans US Open and the Association of Skateboarders Hawaii. From an early age, Ben exhibited a fearless spirit and an insatiable curiosity, traits that would later define the engaging content he would create on social media platforms.

While details about Ben’s family life remain relatively private, he’s occasionally featured them in his videos, providing glimpses of the close-knit and supportive family environment he enjoys. This strong family bond has not only resonated with his audience, but has also contributed to his relatability as an influencer.

Educational Background

Ben attended Kailua Intermediate School in Hawaii, and continued with online schooling.


The 21-year-old social media influencer’s career has been a whirlwind of excitement and achievement, with a growing fanbase, successful collaborations, and ventures into acting. However, the digital world is not without its twists and turns, and Ben’s life has seen its fair share of surprises and intriguing moments.

What inspired his interest in content creation?

Ben Azelart’s journey to social media stardom began with a serendipitous encounter that changed the course of his life. At the age of 14, Ben’s passion for the waves led him to a fateful day of surfing with friends. It was on this seemingly ordinary day that he had a chance meeting with two well-known social media content creators, Alex Hayes and his girlfriend Eva Gutowski.

He wasn’t particularly familiar with these two popular YouTubers, but had watched one of Alex’s videos just the day before he met the couple; to his amazement, he recognized them on the beach. He mustered the courage to approach Alex, who despite having around 500,000 subscribers at the time, proved to be remarkably accommodating; for a 14-year-old, this was an immensely cool experience. After their brief encounter, Ben went home and reached out to Alex on his YouTube channel – to his surprise, Alex replied. They began to chat, and Ben, being the generous spirit that he was, offered Alex a personal tour of Hawaii’s fantastic surfing spots. The two hung out together for three memorable days, forging a connection that would play a pivotal role in Ben’s journey.

When Alex and Eva eventually departed Hawaii, Ben had an epiphany – he realized that if they could create content and share it with the world, he could do the same. Equipped with a camera and guided by his brother Julien, who was a videographer at the time, Ben embarked on his own YouTube adventure. His brother became Ben’s mentor, teaching him the ins and outs of filming, the art of working with a camera and editing.

Jumpstarting his social media presence

In the beginning, Ben’s channel had a modest following of around 1,000, primarily consisting of school friends and those interested in surfing. To expand his audience and boost his subscriber count, he went to Instagram and promoted his YouTube channel. Ben adopted a strategic approach by following the subscribers of Alex Hayes, but later unfollowed them. He looked for people in Alex’s list of followers, and chose those who seemed to be co-surfing enthusiasts, thinking that they would follow him as well. He did it for several hours a day for a few months, a tactic which proved effective, helping him amass around 7,000 subscribers, and kick-starting his rise in the world of social media.

His online journey took an exciting turn when his content made a splash on the Instagram Explore Page—a digital billboard driven by intricate algorithms. This platform plays a pivotal role in selecting and curating content to showcase on users’ feeds, catering to their specific interests. It garnered him increased visibility and also attracted a wave of enthusiastic followers, eager to connect with the captivating experiences he shared. As his Instagram presence flourished, the ripple effect extended to his YouTube channel.

At this stage, Ben’s YouTube content predominantly revolved around vlogging, providing a window into his thrilling surfing lifestyle. He had not yet ventured into the realm of mainstream content creation on YouTube.

An unexpected DM from Brent Rivera changed his life

As Ben navigated the waters of Hawaii and vlogged his way through his surfing adventures, an unexpected digital message arrived. The sender was none other than the popular YouTuber, Brent Rivera. He was in the process of assembling a group of promising social media content creators, and he had come across Ben’s content on Instagram’s Explore Pages. Brent was specifically seeking individuals with a strong work ethic, and he saw potential in Ben’s consistent weekly vlogs. At the time, Ben’s viewership numbers were low, not yet on steady ground, but his dedication to surfing shone through in his content.

Ben was taken aback by the unexpected interest from Brent. It was a remarkable turn of events, considering Brent already boasted an impressive following of around four million followers. An invitation was extended for Ben to journey from Hawaii to Los Angeles, California, with plans to film on Huntington Beach. For Ben, this opportunity felt like another one of those “what the heck” moments. Flying between Hawaii and L.A. was made easier by the fact that his father worked as a pilot, affording them the luxury of free flights. The arrangement was a thrill for a ninth-grader like Ben, similar to the adventures portrayed in the TV series “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.” His mother, who had weekends off work, often accompanied him on these journeys.

The Transition to L.A.

Over time, Ben’s persuasive skills came into play as he gradually convinced his parents to allow him to stay in L.A. and seize the rare opportunity that had presented itself. It was only feasible thanks to his mother’s support and her ability to convince his father that the move would be beneficial to the family. One compelling reason was the availability of in-state tuition fees in California, which would benefit his brother, as Julien prepared for college. While his father initially had reservations about Ben’s move, he eventually gave his approval. His mother later revealed that the decision was more about securing his future than just saving on tuition for his brother, as they were financially capable of providing for his education.

While Ben and his mother relocated to West Hollywood, they continued to make weekend flights back to Hawaii, as his parents were committed to keeping their family together. The strain of spending limited time together was evident, as they adjusted to a lifestyle that allowed only a few days of reunion. Despite the challenges, Ben remained profoundly grateful for the sacrifices his parents made on his behalf. Eventually, as Ben grew older and became successful, his mother returned to live with his father in Hawaii.

Ben’s Social Media Metrics

When Ben relocated to L.A., Brent Rivera took him under his wing and provided invaluable guidance. He was welcomed into Brent’s circle of talented individuals, and given access to invaluable resources as a member of the Amp Studios. For several years, Ben shadowed his mentor, absorbing insights and expertise before he eventually ventured out to establish his own presence in the digital realm.

YouTube Presence

Ben’s meteoric ascent to YouTube prominence is undeniably impressive, especially considering that it primarily revolved around dares, pranks, and the adrenaline-fueled adventures of a teenager. His self-titled channel boasts a staggering 23 million subscribers. With just 350 videos in his library, he has amassed nearly five billion views, and an impressive 50 videos have garnered over 20 million views each. His most popular video, “Breaking 100 Rules in 24 Hours,” astonishingly drew in 55 million views. In addition to his main channel, Ben maintains three other channels dedicated to his “Stay Wild” vlogs, which he shares with two of his closest friends. While these channels may not match the metrics of his primary one, it’s worth noting that one of them has over 50,000 subscribers, despite having no uploaded videos.

Instagram Influence

Ben Azelart also wields considerable influence on Instagram, belonging to the exclusive club of influencers with more than five million followers. Instagram serves as a platform not only for brand endorsements and product launches but also offers glimpses into his personal life.

TikTok Power

On TikTok, Ben has amassed an impressive following of close to 14 million. Although he shares compilations of his YouTube vlogs on this platform less frequently, he has still accumulated more than 340 million views, further solidifying his presence in the ever-expanding world of social media.

The start and end of his “Stay Wild” podcast

As podcasts gained traction in social media, Ben started on his own podcasting journey with the help of two of his closest friends, Cam Huff and Derek Days, in March 2021. They aptly named their podcast “Stay Wild,” a nod to the kind of thrilling adventures that Ben and his friends frequently embarked on. It was a series of spirited conversations in which Ben, Cam, and Derek delved into the behind-the-scenes narratives of their adrenaline-pumping escapades, and the fascinating individuals they encountered along the way.

However, Ben’s followers were taken by surprise when he abruptly stopped airing podcasts. In an interview, he candidly shared the reason behind this choice: he realized that he’d mismanaged the content of his podcast. Instead of fostering free-flowing, unscripted conversations, he inadvertently treated them with the same structured approach as his YouTube content. The unintended consequence was that each episode of the podcast became meticulously planned, lacking the spontaneity that was initially its hallmark. He attributed some of his early missteps to his own youthful inexperience, a valuable lesson in his journey as a content creator, but he would go back to making them soon, since he believed that he’d matured enough to do it again.

Acting Career

In addition to his impactful social media presence, Ben Azelart has showcased his versatility as an entertainer by venturing into the world of acting.

“Bucket List”

In the web series “Bucket List,” released in 2018, Ben took on the character of Bobby, starring alongside MacKenzie Sol and Cary Gonzales. The series revolves around the adventures of a group of friends as they travel the world, striving to complete their bucket list before earning their high school diplomas.

so excited to see Brobot!! mainly because of Ben😍 @benazelart

— Ben Azelart Fan (@AzelartFans) March 25, 2018


Another noteworthy project was the web series “Brobot,” produced by Brat TV. In this series, Ben played a significant role in five episodes, which explored the story of a girl who created an AI brother to help navigate the challenges of middle school and her crush. Notably, the cast of the series included other members of the Amp Studios team, including Brent and Lexi.

“Family Reunion”

In 2019, Ben made his debut in a Netflix production series entitled “Family Reunion,” a family sitcom featuring stars such as Tia Mowry and Anthony Alabi. Ben portrayed the character of Zach, a friend of Jade, one of the main characters played by Talia Jackson, in an episode entitled “Remember Cousin Kenya?”

“No Good Nick”

Another notable Netflix series that Ben contributed to is “No Good Nick,” which streamed in 2019. In this comedy series, starring Melissa Joan Hart and Sean Astin, Ben assumed the role of Dorian in an episode called “The Italian Job.”

Personal Life and Girlfriend

Over the years, since Ben Azelart joined Amp Studios in L.A., fans have speculated about his relationship with Lexi Rivera, who is another prominent social media influencer, which arose from their frequent collaborations and skits in which they often portrayed a couple. When Ben was asked about their relationship in a podcast, he described it as quite tricky to answer. Their shared experiences in vlogs and their constant proximity naturally led to the development of some feelings.

What initially started as a close friendship evolved into something more complex and confusing. Ben pointed out, ‘Having a relationship is one thing, but having an online relationship is a completely different story.’ In essence, they weren’t in a serious romantic relationship, and to avoid further complications, they mutually decided to part ways. However, they remain good friends to this day, even as they’ve become involved with other people. Their connection over the years earned them comparisons to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez within the social media platform, with fans having a hard time letting go of their past.

Currently, Ben is in a relationship with another social media influencer named Hannah Thomas. Their paths crossed at one of the warehouse parties that Ben hosted, in which common friends introduced them. Upon realizing their shared interests and compatibility, they began dating in 2021. While Hannah occasionally makes appearances in Ben’s videos, it’s not as frequent as his collaborations with Lexi. This is because Ben felt somewhat burned by previous vlogs that involved portraying a couple, as these videos often led to misconceptions about his real-life relationships.

In the world of social media, Hannah had a relatively smaller presence compared to Ben’s, but she has her own following of over 100,000 on Instagram. Standing at 5ft 10ins tall with striking blue eyes and blonde hair, Hannah is under the Boutique Mother Agency, KT Management, and is part of its developmental division as she begins to explore opportunities in the modeling industry. She recently secured a contract as a brand ambassador for the popular fashion house, Fashion Nova, expanding her presence in the fashion and social media world.


Ben Azelart boasts a height of 6ft 1in (186cms) and weighs around 170lbs (77kgs). With his blonde hair and striking green eyes, he possesses a distinctive appearance that complements his adventurous spirit. His athletic build not only suits his thrilling endeavors but also enhances his charismatic presence. One of his most recognizable features is his infectious smile, coupled with a welcoming demeanor that endears him to his audience.

Net worth

In the digital age, content creation has paved the way for ordinary individuals to connect with global audiences, and so unlock opportunities for wealth. As of October 2023, Ben’s estimated net worth stands at close to $15 million; his YouTube channel alone could generate up to half a million dollars within a mere 90 days. Monthly, his earnings fluctuate depending on the content he shares with his audience. Beyond YouTube, Ben has secured brand endorsements via Instagram and ventured into entrepreneurship such as offering official brand merchandise through his online shop.

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