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Beckie Mullen Wiki – Biography

Beckie Mullen, star of the 1980s wrestling promotion and syndicated television series GLOW and an episode of Married With Children alongside Pamela Anderson. According to Mullen’s IMDb page, she was a native of Los Angeles. Most recently, Mullen appeared in episodes of The Original Ladies of Wrestling in 2019. Prior to that, Mullen hadn’t acted since 2001. During the 1990s, Mullen appeared in episodes of Renegade, Cybill, MADtv, Pacific Blue and Married With Children. Mullen was also a contestant on Family Feud in 1990. Mullen appeared in the Van Halen music video for “Poundcake” and in Slaughter’s music video for “Up All Night.”

Mullen is perhaps best remembered for her appearance in the season 4 episode of Married With Children titled “Al… with Kelly.” During the episode, Mullen wrestled with a then-unknown Pamela Anderson on a bed for Al Bundy’s affections. In the episode, Mullen, playing the role of Yvonne, calls Bundy, “Al Hercules Bundy!” There is a Facebook group dedicated to the scene titled, Beckie Mullen vs. Pamela Anderson.

GLOW stood for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Mullen appeared in the first and third seasons of the show. A retrospective on the promotion on The Wrestling Insomniac website says that GLOW ran for four seasons between 1986 and 1990 producing 104 episodes. The article said that the promotion’s wrestlers were “made up of mostly dancers, models, actresses, and other women hoping to break into Hollywood through this venture.” A documentary was produced about GLOW in 2011.

The book Mr. Skin’s Skincyclopedia says that after GLOW, Mullen went on to appear in “skinemax” style adult films. The titles mentioned in the book are Affairs of the Heart, Forbidden Games and Sinful intrigue. The passage on Mullen ends with the words, “She’s kept a low profile since the mid ’90s, but we know that, somewhere, Mullen still casts a giant shadow.

Mullen’s TV.com profile details her appearances in various editions of Playboy, beginning in January/February 1991’s “Playboy’s Book of Lingerie.” Her final Playboy appearance was in A 1997 edition of the same title.

Beckie Mullen Age

Beckie Mullen was 56 years old.


According to Mullen’s Facebook page, she is survived by her two children.

Beckie Mullen Cancer

Another of Mullen’s GLOW co-stars, Patricia Summerland, said in a Facebook post that Mullen died following a battle with colon cancer. Summerland has started a fundraiser on Facebook in an attempt to help Mullen’s mother to pay for her daughter’s cremation. Summerland wrote in her post “[Mullen] was battling demons and one big demon was cancer.”

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On her Facebook page, Mullen was posting about a GoFundMe page in March 2020 that had been set up to help her to pay for treatment. At the time of writing, that page has been deleted.

On GLOW, Mullen played the part of Sally the Farmer’s Daughter. The moderator of the Beckie Mullen Fan Club Facebook page said that Mullen died on July 27. Mullen would have celebrated her 57th birthday on July 30.

Cause of Death

Beckie Mullen, star of the 1980s wrestling promotion and syndicated television series GLOW and an episode of Married With Children alongside Pamela Anderson, has died at the age of 56.

Mullen’s death was confirmed by her GLOW co-star Little Egypt who tweeted, “We lost one of our #GLOW #GorgeousLadiesofWrestling sisters yesterday. My heart goes out to the family, friends and fans of #BeckieMullen.” Former World Wrestling Entertainment superstar Lance Storm commented on the post writing, “RIP.”

Net Worth

Mullen’s net worth is unclear.


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