What does a barcode tattoo mean

Although barcode tattoos can have more than one meaning, they are a commonly known symbol of protest against commercialism and capitalism in today’s world. Many people use it as abstract body art because of its elegant and elegant design.

Barcodes are seen on merchandise and are used to determine its value/price. Represented by a series of vertical black lines of different widths and lengths, a barcode is a machine-readable representation of characters and numbers.

This sign can be found in almost every aspect of life today. From grocery items, clothing, accessories and footwear to other merchandise. Every commercial product comes with these product codes printed on them.

Popular locations for these tattoos include the forearm, wrist, nape of the neck, and sometimes the ankles. However, the location depends on the person getting the tattoo. Visibility must also be considered when getting the tattoo if the symbol is to be seen and its meaning established.

Different meanings of barcode tattoos.

In today’s fast-paced life ruled by capitalism, humans are often treated as products. Tattoos inked in the print of a product code may be an individual’s way of concretely establishing his own worth as it may be forgotten by the rest of the world in the hectic routine of life. It can be seen as a way to determine one’s uniqueness.

Product code tattoos are often associated with rebellion as well as anarchist values, which are embraced by goths, punks, queer people, and activists.

As a few groups of people begin to reject consumer culture in order to celebrate their individuality, new trends in the realm of art begin to emerge. Product code tattoos are one of these art statements, posing as a symbol that takes a stand against modern capitalist and corporate society.

The symbol is an ironic jab at consumerism. Some people get these tattoos as a constant reminder not to lose their individuality, as no two product barcodes are identical.

The product code sign can also symbolize ownership. If a person feels deeply influenced by an object, or a particular event or dream, as if it were their property, they can get this tattoo to represent their connection to said object.

Although actual product codes always come in black ink, when it comes to a tattoo, one can customize it and put different colors in the way that best represents the meaning they want to convey. The numbers under the code can also be chosen based on someone’s date of birth or some other memorable date. You can also write your lucky numbers under the bars.

The alphabets can also be incorporated under the code, along with the numbers. They could be the initials of a person’s name, or the initial could also belong to someone close to them.

A person can also get product code tattoos just because of its bold and stylish design. A person may find the overall design and look of the tattoo intriguing, even if he feels no personal connection to the symbol. Tattoos do not necessarily have to have a certain meaning for a person. It can be simply a piece of art or a fascinating design to look at.

The typical product code design can also be improvised when inked on the skin. A zipper slider can be drawn along the bars and a chain added at the end. Alternatively, the bars can be drawn like the bars of a cage that has been torn in half, implying that the person has finally broken free of the shackles of whatever was holding them.

An LGBTQIA+ person can replace the black ink with rainbow colored ink and get the parallel lines progressively colored to create a rainbow.

While barcode tattoos are not a mainstream tattoo design, they are on the rise. Body art enthusiasts also go for QR code tattoos to broaden the variety of barcode tattoo designs.