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Ayden Bevers Wiki – Biography

Ayden Bevers, a 16-year-old boy, hasn’t been seen in the Dallas region since Monday, February 10, 2020. His family is asking for the community’s help in locating him. Here is what we know about Ayden Bevers and what happened. This is a developing story.


Ayden Bevers Age

He is 16 years old.


His family shared the photo above in one of their Facebook posts about him.

Jana Traymany shared about her oldest son, Ayden, on Facebook. She wrote that he left from Thistle Hill Estates in Denton, Texas and hadn’t been heard from since. “We have filed a police report, have exhausted all the leads we’ve had, and are now at a dead end,” she wrote.

Denton, Texas is about an hour northwest of Dallas.

The Denton Police Department did not respond to Heavy’s request for information. Both the Dallas and Carrollton police departments confirmed with Heavy that they do not have missing cases filed for Bevers with their departments.

Traymany wrote that he did not have a car. She said, “He doesn’t have a license, so we don’t know if he took off on foot or if someone picked him up.” The family said they had also talked to neighbors and no one had reported seeing him.

His family wrote that they have no idea where he is. Jana Traymany wrote: “We don’t know if he stayed local or if he took off with someone he met thru online gaming.”

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He played on a PS4 and on a different post she said that his last used gaming handle was “widepeeker,” but he has multiple PS4 profiles. She said they were checking the games he plays the most to see if he logs in.

She said they’ve looked through everything, including Discord and gaming messages. Jana Traymany said he chatted mostly in-game with a headset and mic, but they checked his messages too for any clues.


Ayden is 5’9″, about 160 pounds, and is a white male with brown hair and brown eyes, NBC DFW reported. He was last seen wearing a grey Nike zip-up hoodie, a T-shirt, jeans, a silver chain, and a white Nike cap, his family shared.

Some wrong information began circulating that Ayden was found, but that is not accurate. It appears the misinformation may have begun from someone posting prayer hands and hoping that he was found safe, and that message being misinterpreted to mean that he was found. Ayden has not yet been found as of the time of publication.

The Denton Police Department told NBC DFW that Ayden Bevers was last seen around 8 a.m. on Monday at his home. His family shared the photo above in one of their Facebook posts about him.

Investigation Report

If you have any information, call Detective Newton and 940-535-4982 or Private Investigators Dennis Ozment and Carrie Powell at 469-892-8256, NBC DFW shared. Anonymous tips can be sent via phone call or text to 888-512-1052.

Jana Traymany wrote on Facebook that they are working with 4theOne to help locate him, along with speaking with several Denton Police Department officers.



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