Attempted Murder for Allegedly Beating Female Co-worker: Rie Hachiyanagi Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Charge and Arrested, Investion Report, Career, Net Worth

Rie Hachiyanagi Wiki – Bio

Rie Hachiyanagi was charged with attempted murder after she allegedly brutally assaulted a female colleague ‘that she loved for many years’ over the holidays.

Rie Hachiyanagi Age

She is 48 years old.

Rie Hachiyanagi Early Life and Career

Rie Hachiyanagi works at Mount Holyoke College, is blamed for attacking the injured individual the evening of December 24 with ‘numerous executes including ‘clench hands, rocks, garden scissors and a fire poker.’

She at that point headed inside and assaulted the person in question, who was additionally an employee, with ‘clench hands, rocks, garden scissors and a fire poker.’

Charge and Arrested

She has been charged with armed assault with attempt to murder a person over 60, three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, mayhem, and armed assault in a dwelling, the outlet.

She then went inside and attacked the victim, who was also a faculty member, with ‘fists, rocks, garden clippers and a fire poker.’

Police arrested Hachiyanagi at the Leverett home at approximately 7 pm on December 24.

Inestigation Report

Police guaranteed Hachiyanagi called 911 not long after 12 PM to report that the injured individual was lying in a pool of blood and was ‘scarcely breathing’ inside her Leverett, home in Massachusetts.

Hachiyanagi purportedly told officials she landed at the unfortunate casualty’s home in an impromptu visit expressing she ‘needed to discuss her emotions.

Hachiyanagi purportedly reacted ‘that she cherished her for [the victim] numerous years and she ought to have known,’ as indicated by the outlet. The injured individual asserted in the police report that she knew Hachiyanagi since August 2005 and they were companions.

The injured individual ‘cooperated’ by telling the denounced she had shared sentiments towards her and she urged her to stop her ambush.

The lady said she would not like to tell officials the character of her attacker until she was removed in light of the fact that she was so apprehensive.

She was apparently found to have the unfortunate casualty’s keys, cellphone and glasses.In a recorded meeting after the episode happened, Hachiyanagi supposedly told cops that she had no memory of anything after 6pm that night.

She was summoned in Orange District Court on Friday and is being held in the Franklin County House of amendment until her next hearing on February 4, WWLP revealed.

The female unfortunate casualty, who has not been named, is relied upon to endure however supported genuine wounds.

A profile on the school site expresses that Hachiyanagi went to the United States as a secondary school international student in provincial Kansas from Sapporo, Japan.

It includes: ‘Her underlying failure to viably convey in English drove her to participate in creative types of articulation.’

Hachiyanagi was set on managerial leave and isn’t permitted on the grounds as an examination proceeds.


An announcement from the school asserted to WWLP guaranteed the episode happened off-grounds and brought about the hospitalization of one employee who is accepting consideration.

It included: ‘We comprehend that the other employee included is in guardianship and dealing with criminal indictments.

‘This individual has been set on authoritative leave from the College and isn’t allowed on our grounds pending further audit of the episode. We will coordinate completely with law implementation offices on the side of their progressing examinations.

‘We pay attention to extremely the security and prosperity of each individual from our locale, and the College is offering help to affected gatherings as proper.’

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Rie Hachiyanagi, 48, has been charged with attempted murder after she allegedly brutally assaulted a female colleague ‘that she loved for many years’.
  • The women are faculty members at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts
  • Hachiyanagi called to the woman’s home and ‘wanted to talk about her feelings’
  • Once inside she allegedly beat her with ‘rocks, garden clippers and a fire poker’


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