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Ashley Moss is the wife of Richard Sherman, is a football cornerback who is currently a free agent. He was selected by the Seattle Seahawks in the fifth round of the 2011 NFL Draft. He has been selected to the Pro Bowl five times and voted All-Pro five times, including three times for the first team. He led the NFL in interceptions in 2013, when he also helped the Seahawks win their first Super Bowl.

Sherman played college football for the Stanford Cardinal, beginning his career as a wide receiver before moving to cornerback in his junior year. He was selected by the Seahawks in the fifth round of the 2011 NFL Draft. Since he entered the league, he has the most interceptions and passes defended of any active player.

During his time as a member of the Seahawks, Sherman was part of the “Legion of Boom,” the Seahawks’ starting secondary that helped Seattle have the best pass defense in the NFL in 2013. This unit helped the Seahawks to win Super Bowl XLVIII.; their 43–8 victory over the Denver Broncos equaled the third-largest margin of victory in Super Bowl history.

The Seahawks reached Super Bowl XLIX the following season, losing in a close game to the New England Patriots. During their time with the Seahawks, they led the league in scoring defense for four years in a row between 2012 and 2015, making them the first team to do so since the 1950s Cleveland Browns. Sherman is considered one of the best. cornerbacks in NFL history.

Ashley Moss Age

Ashley Moss‘s age is unknown.

Ashley Moss & Richard Sherman

On February 5, 2014, four days after Super Bowl XLVIII, Sherman’s girlfriend, Ashley Moss, gave birth to their first child, Rayden Sherman. Moss and Sherman got engaged in June 2015. The couple welcomed their second daughter, Avery, on April 16, 2016. Sherman and Moss were married on March 28, 2018.

Richard Sherman Arrested – Charges

Richard Sherman’s wife, Ashley Moss, called 911 to report that her husband had drunk two bottles of liquor and was threatening suicide prior to his arrest for allegedly attempting to break into a relative’s home after a hit-and-run.

The 911 call, obtained by KIRO, reveals the moments before the NFL free agent was arrested for domestic violence in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Now I need officers in my house. My husband is drunk and belligerent and threatened to commit suicide, ” Ashley Moss said at the beginning of the call. Stop. Stop. Which is the address?’ says the dispatcher. Moss begins to respond when the dispatcher tells him again to stop talking.

Are there weapons? says the dispatcher. ‘Stop!’ No, no guns, ”Moss begins. Then the dispatcher interrupts her again, who says, ‘Listen to me!’ I’m saying there are no guns, ma’am, ”Moss replies. ‘There are no weapons’.

The dispatcher says, ‘You didn’t let me finish. You need to stop interrupting me so I can get the information I need to get the officers to hurry up. I need officers here now! says the distraught wife on the recording. The dispatcher then says, ‘What is he doing to make you think he’s going to hurt himself?’

He is being aggressive. He’s texted, ‘Moss replies. She then seems to be addressing her husband, telling him that he took his car keys from him.

She continued to the dispatcher: ‘He’s trying to leave now. He is being aggressive. He is fighting with my uncle. He threatens to commit suicide. He has texted people saying that he is going to hang himself.

“And he’s saying if the police show up, so please don’t shoot, that’s what I’m asking for,” Moss adds to the dispatcher. The dispatcher then asked Moss to clarify what Sherman had said he would do if the police showed up. He said if the police show up, he will try to fight him, so you have to understand that he is … ” Moss says.

The dispatcher interrupts her again and asks, ‘Have you been physical with anyone there? Did you say that he tried to fight your uncle? Yes, yes, ‘Moss responds. The dispatcher then asks: ‘How has he been physical? Moss responds, “He just tried to fight him.”

“He’s okay, trying to fight someone and being really physical are two different things,” replies the dispatcher. The dispatcher asks him again how Sherman had been physical. Richard, please stop! Moss then says repeatedly. The dispatcher then asks Moss for details about the make and model of the car.

‘It’s just a black sedan, Mercedes SUV. He won’t be able to walk out the door. I cut it, ” Moss responds. What do you mean you cut it? asks the dispatcher. I cut the door, we live behind, it’s Richard Sherman. As a lady, this is an emergency [expletive] and I need officers here now, ‘Moss says.

The dispatcher then responds, ‘Listen to me! I’m handling this! You have to stop telling me that. She just walked out the door, ”Moss says as the dispatcher speaks for her. Later, in a second part of the recording, the dispatcher asks Moss if he needs an ambulance. Nerd. We don’t need an ambulance, ”Moss responds.

The dispatcher asks again if Sherman has weapons or access to weapons. No, no, ‘Moss replies. The dispatcher then asks her how much Sherman had drunk and she replies, “two bottles.” The dispatcher asks, ‘Two bottles of what? Someone else at the scene later tries to give out information about Sherman being intoxicated.

Only strong alcohol. He is intoxicated, ”says the man on the call. Okay sir, I only need to speak to one person, so hang up the phone and let me speak to Ashley, ” the dispatcher says. Sherman was later detained with the help of the K-9 unit after allegedly being combative with officers who were called to the scene.

After being checked for injuries at a nearby hospital, he was booked into the King County Correctional Center in Washington early Wednesday morning on a charge of ‘Domestic Violence Robbery’ and denied bail, they show. the registers.  The alleged incident of domestic violence is being investigated as a felony. It was not immediately clear if Sherman had an attorney.

Police have not identified the specific owner of the home Sherman was allegedly attempting to enter. However, his abandoned car was discovered by state police three miles from an address that belongs to the parents of his wife, Ashley Moss, according to King County property records obtained by the Seattle Times.

Speaking to the Seattle Times, Moss stressed that no one was injured in the incident.

“At this time we are not going to comment, except that he did not hurt anyone,” Moss told the newspaper. “My children were not injured in the incident. She is a good person and this is not her character. We’re doing fine, we’re just trying to get it out. I want people to know that no one was hurt. ‘

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Washington State Police are investigating Sherman for an alleged hit-and-run and a suspected DUI, a department spokesman told DailyMail.com. He has not been charged in connection with the collision, but police obtained a blood search warrant and are awaiting the results of Sherman’s blood-alcohol test.

Washington State Police first learned of a situation with Sherman after receiving a report of a single-car collision around 1 a.m. local time. A car registered at the All-Pro corner was found abandoned in a parking lot after it apparently hit a concrete barrier.

The state police then worked to obtain a blood search warrant to determine if Sherman was drunk at the time of the hit-and-run. After passing the license plates on the car, officers finally contacted police in Redmond, Washington, where they helped local officers detain Sherman with the help of a K-9 unit.

The Redmond Police Department confirmed that Sherman was taken into custody after the 911 call. Sherman was discovered outside the home when police arrived and initially fought with officers before being taken into custody with the help of K-unit dogs. 9. They took him to a local hospital and healed him of any injuries.

The National Football League Players Association, the union that represents NFL players, said in a statement that it was monitoring the situation.

“We learned of the arrest last night of one of our player leaders for an alleged incident of domestic violence and have activated our domestic violence crisis protocol for the protection and support of all involved,” the statement said.

Moss gave birth to Sherman’s first child four days after her Seahawks fell to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX in early 2015. The couple welcomed their second child in 2016 and married in 2018.

In 2019, Sherman revealed that it was Moss who pushed for a $ 1 million Pro Bowl bonus as part of his three-year, $ 39 million contracts with the San Francisco 49ers. Sherman was ultimately named to his fifth Pro Bowl that season and collected the extra $ 1 million, thanks to Moss.

A Stanford graduate, Sherman became a Seattle favorite during his seven seasons with the Seahawks, which included a Super Bowl win after the 2014 season. He left the Seahawks for the 49ers in 2018 and played in another Super Bowl in 2018. 2020, losing to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Sherman is currently a free agent, having earned $ 82 million in his 10-year career.


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