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Ashley Kolfage Wiki  – Biography

Ashley Kolfage is an American Instagram model and influencer who is married to Brian Kolfage who is indicted and accused of defrauding the donors of We Build the Wall together with Steve Bannon, Andrew Badolato, and Timothy Shea. We Build the Wall is a crowdfunding effort to fund the build a border wall between the United States and Mexico.

Ashley was working as a teacher in Hawaii while attempting to break into modeling as she said in a November 2012 interview with City Net Magazine. She was also a hostess at a Chili’s restaurant in San Angelo, Texas. On her official website, Kolfage said that she has recently started working as a “brand influencer.”

Ashley Kolfage Age

Ashley Kolfage is 30 years old.

Brian Kolfage’s Wife Ashley Kolfage

Kolfage married Brian in May 2011. Brian told The Military Times in September 2018 that he met Ashley in a Chili’s restaurant in 2001 prior to his deployment in Kuwait. The couple reconnected via after Brian Kolfage was wounded in Iraq. Kolfage said that she reached out to her future husband on Facebook after hearing about his injuries through college friends.

Kolfage told the San Angelo Standard-Times in 2010 that she thought that her future husband was “really cute. He was definitely tall… good personality, sense of humor, very outgoing.”

Brian was wounded while serving in Iraq as part of the Air Force Security Forces. As a result of his injuries, he is a triple amputee.

Brian is a die-hard Trump supporter, in 2018, he was praised by Donald Trump Jr. for his fundraiser.

Brian Kolfage Charges

Kolfage was charged with skimming $350,000 in donations for the US-Mexico border wall. He blew the cash on his “lavish lifestyle,” including a boat, jewelry, and cosmetic surgery.

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The Purple Heart recipient is accused of pocketing $20,000 a month, and a $100,000 up-front payment — from the viral GoFundMe fundraiser “We Build the Wall,” which was launched in 2018 and raised $25 million.

Prosecutors say that some of the cash that flowed to Kolfage was disguised as payments to Ashley for “media” purposes. Ashley was reached by phone and she defended her husband, who is due in Florida federal court Thursday afternoon, and said she made her own money.

“I don’t think he did anything wrong, I’ll let him speak on his behalf, but I make my own money with all the stuff that I do,” she said. “I have not spent a penny of his money on all of that.”


Brian Kolfage was arrested Thursday morning, along with former White House adviser Steve Bannon and two other men, for their alleged roles in the scheme.


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