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Arthur Freydin allegedly put cameras in his intern’s bathroom, according to a lawsuit. A married Manhattan businessman who hired a young woman as an intern allegedly outfitted his bedroom and bathroom with hidden cameras, and when he was caught, he blamed his 10-year-old son, according to a federal lawsuit filed Monday.

“I’m mortified,” Tandem CEO Arthur Freydin wrote in a text message to her assistant after he allegedly discovered a surreptitiously recorded video of her in the bathroom of her Midtown apartment, according to documents. judicial. I’ve already worked things out with [my son] … He, of course, had no idea what he was doing and this is a serious lesson for him, but I want to make sure you’re okay, “Freydin allegedly texted him. text to the woman.

Arthur Freydin Recorded Video

The young woman, who is only identified as Jane Doe in court documents, made the alarming alleged discovery on Sept. 29 when she was in the office and her phone began to malfunction, the lawsuit says. She borrowed the Freydin’s to make a call, the documents state. She was surprised to find an app of hers on her phone called LookCam that contained video footage of her from inside the bathroom she shared with him and her wife Sarah McLaughlin, according to court documents.

“The video footage was in her viewing history recently,” wrote her attorney, Dan Perrone, in the federal complaint. The woman, a recent college graduate in her 20s, rushed back to the apartment on East 56th Street, allegedly found a camera disguised as a USB charger in the residence’s only bathroom and confronted McLaughlin, according to newspapers.

“She used the bathroom in which the spy camera was hidden daily to urinate, defecate, dress, undress and shower, among other things, so she had been naked there on multiple occasions,” Perrone wrote about the assistant in the court document. . The lawsuit says Freydin initially claimed that he had no idea how the app got to his phone in a text message to his assistant.

“I noticed an app this morning that I don’t recognize (I download tons of apps. And I never open most of them) and I didn’t think anything of it,” she allegedly wrote, according to the newspapers. After she was informed of the disturbing video, she immediately removed the app, she said.

It was not immediately clear from court documents whether the images showed the woman nude or in a compromising manner. The aide reported the incident to the NYPD and was immediately fired from her $ 55,000-a-year job and her email account blocked, newspapers allege.

About a week before stumbling across the bathroom footage, the woman allegedly found a hidden camera in her bedroom and unplugged it. But the next day, she turned back on and actively recorded it, the lawsuit claims. After unplugging it again, Freydin allegedly asked her why she had disabled it, according to court documents.

McLaughlin first hired the woman in February as a babysitter for her two children from a previous marriage, the suit says. A month later, McLaughlin invited her to work full-time as an assistant to her husband, but in the new role, she required that she live with them four to five days a week, the lawsuit claims.

The atmosphere was “controlling and sexually charged, with harassment ranging from sexually charged comments to unwanted sexual touches,” the complaint alleges. For an office project, Freydin allegedly forced her to strip down to her bra to demonstrate how kinesiology tape could be worn on her neck and back, according to court documents.

She also allegedly asked him to accompany him to the gym at 6 a.m. and to stand behind her as she worked out, according to the charges in the lawsuit. The couple used their “influence and money to commit unthinkable acts of sexual depravity and deviation at the expense of a confident young woman in desperate need of gainful employment,” Perrone wrote.

Tandem Marketing helped rate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s 2018 Congressional campaign and partnered with Planned Parenthood to create an awareness campaign, according to the firm’s website. The lawsuit names Freydin, McLaughlin and Tandem as defendants and alleges violations of New York human rights law, gender discrimination and sexual harassment. The couple did not immediately respond to email or phone requests for comment, nor did Tandem.

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